First Time Pregnancy

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jenncull - January 4

THis is my first baby and I am so nervous. I am about 14 1/2 weeks along and instead of looking pregnant, I just look chubby around the midsection. Is that normal? I also have been getting these killer headaches when I wake up in the morning. Any tips on how to get rid of these. Plus I worry all the time about what could go wrong with this pregnancy, does that ever end?


HeatherIsHopeful - January 4

congratulations on your pregnancy!!! how very exciting for you :) to answer your questions everything you just asked about is 100% normal. i'll be 17 weeks tomorrow and still don't have much of a belly yet.. its bigger and starting to round out but mostly I just feel fat LOL it'll get better just give it time. the headaches are normal.. try drinking plenty of water also... with the ok from your doc. plain Tylenol is okay to take during your pregnancy. and NO the worry never goes away... of course I can't speak from experiance.. this is my frist pregnancy too but from talking to other women and my mother who have all told me you will worry all the way till by is in your arms and then the worry you had about the un born child will stay with you for the rest of your life except you will now worry about the child you have in your arms. :) its normal to worry just try not to stress about it or freak yourself out. I hope you have a very happy and healthy pregnancy. by the way.. when are you due? I dont feel like doing the math based on how far along you are LOL Im lazy.


jenncull - January 4

Thanks for the advice. It's nice to be able to talk to other women experiencing the same things. My due date is July 4th!


Rachel29 - January 4

Hi jencull! I'd like to say congratulations too! I have agree with Heather though, and tell you that I don't look much more than just fat at 18.5 weeks. Infact, I saw a very obviously pregnant lady in the grocery store not too long ago, and when I started talking to her she said "Oh, you don't even look pregnant!," and I was kind of disappointed. Oh well, I guess that's the way it is with first pregnancies! Also, I had a lot of headaches too around 12, 13 and 14 weeks, but it's better now, so I hope it will be for you too. oh, and sorry to have to tell you, I worry all the time! But I think worrying means you care, so it's not necessarily a bad thing!


newlywed0915 - January 4

Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm 14 weeks and 6 days today, so we're pretty close! Like Heather and Rachel said, what you're experiencing is normal. We're in the June Mommies forum if you feel like joining! Drink water for those headaches and just get something in your tummy first thing in the morning. Sometimes those headaches also mean your blood sugar level is low. As for the belly, I too fell like I just have a fat lower belly, although I can tell where I'm "pooching". But to the public it jsut looks like weight gained from the holidays! ;-) Hopefully we'll all "pop" soon.


HeatherIsHopeful - January 4

Jenn... thats a very cool due date lol... would be nifty if you actually delivered then I have a friend whos birthday is july 4th and he says its like the whole country is celebrating your birthday with you lol. Im sure some of the ladies in the June mommies thread will flow over to july with late deliveries. If you want to feel free to come chat with us.. all the ladies are very nice and very helpful and often very funny hehe.


sarah21 - January 4

Congrats Jenn! I am a first-timer, too, but I'm almost 29 weeks along. I still worry sometimes. The worry eases when you start feeling movement-- it's a little rea__surance that all is okay. Unfortunately, then when you don't feel the movement for a while then you start to worry that something has happened until you get that rea__suring little jab again. :) It's just a bunch of worries and what-if's and waiting. You wait to see if you're pregnant, you wait to hear the heartbeat, you wait to show, you wait to feel movement, you wait to feel it from outside, you wait to see movement, you wait to see if baby will be head down or breech, etc. etc. the waiting goes on and on and the worries continue with each new ache and pain. Just like the other girls said, headaches are normal, try eating regularly and take a little tylenol. You'll start showing soon, I promise, but I didn't really look pregnant until about 20 weeks. It'll happen though!! Enjoy your pregnancy. The second trimester goes so fast.


hcw - January 5

Hi jenncull and everyone else - this is my first pregnancy too (well, that got to the second trimester that is) and I worry non-stop too. DH mentioned this at our last OB appoinment and the dr just smiled and said, 'don't sweat it too much - you'll be worrying for 30 years now, just like all parents do.' it was strangely comforting. anyway, i too have terrible headaches and just discovered that it's sinus problems due to extra senst_tive/swollen nasal membranes due to the pg. the great thing is that now that i know this, i can get rid of them without tylenol or anything medicated just by moistened my nasal cavity with saline solution when it gets dry. what a relief! i don't know if your headaches are similar, but if they are, give it a try or just crank up your humidifier. hope this helps... healthy and happy pg to you all!


samah77 - January 5

jenncull i am the same headache hitting one side of my head about 2 weeks ago really hurt, but i am now suffering from backpain bt i have read that is all to do with your posture.Worrying I thought i was the only one, Hopefully its all part of being pregnant so I am told. Just take care of yourself u and all xxx



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