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Sri - October 14

Dear All, I am new to this website and i am really glad i have found such an informative web site for pregnancy related info. My question is i am about 15 wks pregnant now and i just got my first trimester screening results back ( which was done in my 13'th wk). The doctor said that my Ultrasound looks good and the blood test is normal but it is low normal ( 1:328). Now she wants me to go for a sequential test in my 16'th week. What does it mean, does it mean that i have a risk. I am really scared to death, we have conceived this baby after 3 and half years of trying, this is really important for me and now i am so stressed out thinking that there could be something wrong with the baby i can't even sleep properly. Could you guys pl throw some light on this, anybody ever went through this. Looking forward for all your replies. Thanks, Sri


Sri - October 14

I forgot mention in my previous post that i am 33 yrs ol. Pl help me guys.


clindholm - October 14

I really wouldn't put too much credability on these screenings. I had an issue with a screening on my last pregnancy and my lo was born perfect. There are alot of false readings especially with the bloodwork. I know it's hard not to worry but these tests do not diagnose problems, they provide a risk factor which is completely different from an actual diagnosis. Also 1:328 is really not that bad. Congratulations on your pregnancy, please don't let these tests ruin it for you.


Sri - October 14

Thanks clindholm. I am trying hard not to worry too much but still i am having hard time trying to be at ease. Do you have any idea what a sequential test is? Thanks once again.


clindholm - October 15

I believe it is just like the first trimester screening which pairs a level 2 ultrasound and more bloodwork. I know what you mean about worrying, there is no way to make it stop until you have the testing done. Usually if the baby has Down's, there will also be signs that can be found on the ultrasound which fortunately you did not have (the NT would have come up high, heart problems would be detected, etc). When will you be 16 weeks? The bloodtests are notorious for coming up with false readings. I am sure your baby is just perfect.


Christy - October 15

I had to do a follow-up blood test for my sequential even the first round of bloodwork and US came back normal. I think it was due to age (I'm 34.) The second one came back fine too. I think that since you a re in the normal ranges, you are ok, but the doctor is just following protocol..


Sri - October 15

Thanks Guys. I feel much better but still keping my fingers crossed. I will be 16 weeks next Friday and scheduled for my sequentail on the same day. Will keep you posted once i get the results. Thanks once again for all your support.


kmoselle - October 15

Sri, Stay positive. I believe the stress and worry actually does more harm than anything else. I have been having complications with my pregnancy and everyone says "stay positive." I have- as much as I possibly can, and with each doctor's visit my baby is getting bigger and stronger and the complications seem to be going away. Time and positive thinking heals all wounds! Baby dust to you!


Sri - October 15

kmoselle, Thanks so much for your encouraging words and for the support you guys have given me. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy as well. Baby dust to you all.


Megan P - October 16

Sri- I had an appointment yesterday at my docs and they told me my first trimester screeing was normal but now they are doing a second trimester follow up (sequential) bloodwork to compare/add to first trimester results. I am 15 weeks. I am going to get it done the same day I get the ultrasound to find out the babe's s_x (at 18 weeks). I didn't have to do this second test with my first baby who is 13 months old. Doc says it's a new thing they have started and that you want to go to the second blood draw, if it was bad results in first trimester they would have called you sooner and had you do amneocentisis or something. Hope that helps! I'm not going to stress about mine. I'm 32.


Sri - October 17

Meghan, May be it's just a protocol like everybody is saying. Anyways i feel much better after talking to all you guys. Thanks once again for all the support you guys have given me. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy. Baby dust to you!


goldfish - November 5

hey sri iam sure everything is fine. calm down first of all NT scan is usuallly very accurate. u are at a very low risk. i know have been their myself 2 times and desis like u n me worry a lot. but it will be fine ask ur doc abt level 2 scan



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