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Wondering - March 17

Not to be gross or anything but has anyone noticed while being pregnant that you pass gas and sometimes can't control when it happens?


Tootie - March 17

Just Kidding with the name. I seriously have noticed that exact thing. It hasn't proven embarra__sing yet for me, but I used to be able to control it now it's like " I wasn't expecting that, why did it just come out without warning..." I told my partner and he had a good laugh...he's good like that...Good luck to us! Ha Ha...


Lucky1 - March 17

It's been happening to me for the past week, and it'a an all day thing. At first I thought that I was eating something that was causing it but it has become regular. I am 14w4d.


Kelly - March 17

I certainly have had more gas pains! My husband always chimes in when the doctor asks about gas, he thinks it's funny and says that the dog and I are competing (my dog has HORRIBLE gas).


tara - March 17

I have been able to control it so far, but it's the burping that has gotten me. I havn't pooped out a loud one just yet, but I know it is coming soon!


Beth - March 17

Mine always seems to want to hit at night right when I lay down. . .my fiance is having to get used to this!


S - May 25

YES! I don't remember having this problem with my first pregnancy but with the 2nd it's a real problem even when I drink plenty of water. Night time also consistent problem time for it for me too. I tried to vary the types of fiber and whole grains I was eating and that seemed to help.


JC - May 25

.YES, the other day in a store I was walking down the isle & couldn't stop myself literally. I was so embarra__sed I left. I'm 22 weeks & this has NEVER happened to me before


Lissi - May 25

Oh my god yes! It's been awful.


KrisD - May 26

I'm with Tara, my problem is the burps. ALL DAY LONG I burp and hiccup. I sound like a drunk.


Tigerphoenix - May 26

If im not burping I'm tooting. Luckly I work with all men so they always think one of them did it ;)


Kathy - May 28

My gas is soo bad.. Thank fully my husband hasn't been home for the worst of it. I also work with all guys so someone it always in here farting.. It's kinda gross.. I think my work place has a gas problem


tracy - May 30

my problem is also with burping - notso much tooting yet thankfully. i burped really loud when i was out some coworkers last week (it was a girls night out) and one turned to me with concern b/c she thought i was about to barf it was so alarming. woops!


anon - May 30

I cant handle it. I cant stop pa__sing gas to the point that my kids cant handle it either..and the worst of it is I have hemoroids that bleed so i have to be careful that i dont pa__s gas and pa__s gas at the same time. I dont know if anyone has this issue ..my dr said that she will lance them when i deliver or if that cant happen have the general surgeon sort me out.



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