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SickMommy - December 18

Hey Everyone. I woke up this morning with the flu ( i think thats what it is ) , i have gotten sick 3 times so far and not feeling that well. Im just wondering if i should go into the emerg tonight to make sure everything is okay with the baby or if there is no need to when all you have is the flu. Just wondering what i should do , i dont like going in to the hospital and sitting there forever but if i should because im pregnant let me know


shannan - December 18

Hi SickMommy, I am sorry that you are feeling bad. I had the flu two weeks ago and was worried about being dehydrated b/c I kept throwing up the water I was drinking. Anyway, after the vomitting ended I called my Dr.'s office and they said just to try to stay hydrated, rest, and if you continue to have diarrhea take kayopectate(sp). I think that only if you cannot stay hydrated, go to the hosp. Make sure to contact your Dr's office tomorrow though. Feel better!


Cabbie - December 18

You probably have a mean stomach virus. Usually with the real deal flu you do not through up unless it is due to the congestion. I woke up two nights ago with it. I threw up all night and had diahrea. I then ran a fever yesterday. My biggest concerns were fever and dehydration. If you are running a fever, make sure you are taking acetaminophen as often as directions say to keep it down. I found a luke warm shower to help a lot too. As funny as this sounds, I also tried to lay in my room with as little clothes on as possible to allow my body to cool. I also ate my kids' pedialyte pops. I ran a fever for about ten hours. Most of the time it was under 101. It popped to 102 which is when I took a shower and layed around unclothed. It dropped to a little over 100 in an hour. For the dehydration, I drank pedialyte mixed with sprite or water. I also drank jello juice (pediatrician had said that is great for coating the stomach with nausea as well as syrup from canned fruit...just don't do too much cause of the sugar) and ate jello. The pedialyte pops were great too. We opted to not to to the ER because we felt we were doing all we could unless I became dehydrated. I am praying all is okay. All the info says usually fevers have to be sustained for over a day for damage to be done. I think if my temp had gotten over 102 for too long we would have gone to the hospital, though. The stomach flu is going around rampant here. I too hate to think of what else I am exposing myself to at the hospital!


Cabbie - December 18

I am planning to call my dr tomorrow too!


to Sick Mommy - December 18

It does sound like you have a stomach virus, which some call a "stomach flu." It's not the same as influenza. If you get a fever 100 or above and/or if you can't hold any fluids down (not even water or ginger ale or tea), I'd get checked out asap. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry.


just to add - December 18

It could also be food poisoning. Call your doctor... to discuss, if nothing else. That's what they're there for, day & night. They have emergency operators who'll contact them even in the middle of the night.


hey sick mommy - December 19

how are you feeling now? i know what you are going through, i had the flu friday night, and well into saturday morning...i personally opted to go to the labor and delivery section of my hospital...(they tell us to if you are over 14 weeks instead of waiting in the ER), because i knew that i was severly dehydrated, and i was worried about the little one...but i am doing better now, i have just been eating the blandest foods i can think of, and to tell you the truth, until last night around 7pm, i could hardly eat a thing anyways, but did since i knew i had to...but again, i am feeling MUCH better today, and i hope that you are as well...let us know! sorry you have been feeling so c___ppy.


SickMommy - December 19

Hey Yes i am feeling better today although not completely. I have managed not to get sick seince yesturday morning but i still feel sicky and tired, dizzy! Hopefully i will be even better tomorrow! I hope this is flu isnt the ones that come then you feel better then BAM u fell horriable!



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