Flu Shot

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beardtl - October 24

I know everyone has their opinion of the flu shot so I am asking are you getting the flu now since you're pregnant and why or why not. I have never gotten a flu shot and there are soo many stories out there as to why and why not get one so now that I am preg my dr insists that I get one. I'm not too sure if I want to. my DH always gets his and never has any side effects nor has he gotten the flu. I got the flu once in 2003, but nothing since then. Is the flu inevitable regardless if you've gotten your flu shot?


Happymommy - October 24

Hi--I have never gotten the flu shot and never gotten the flu either. My doc actually kind of recommended against getting it, but also said that it is a personal decision. I think that there are few side effects, but I am also not sure how much it helps. So I think do what you think is best!


cynthia502 - October 25

When I was pregnant with my son in 2005, my ob/gyn gave me one free of charge right at one of my prenatal appointments. It was my choice whether or not to receive it, however, they said they offer it to all pregnant women. I did not have any side affects. I too have never had the flu, but figured it was a good precaution since you don't want to deal with that while pregnant. This time I am pregnant with twins and I am sure my dr's office will offer it to me at my next visit. I will probably take it. Good luck to you!


Gemini_Girl - October 25

Hi, I got my appointment in for my flu jab ill be 29 weeks by the time it comes round, the appointment came out in the mail automatically as Im asthmatic, anyway I got the receptionist to write the doc a note to ask if it was still ok for me to get it being pregnant, the doc said yeh it was fine, was thinking even for a pregnant lady surely a small injection of the virus is better getting full b__wn flu, but i guess the jab doesnt cover every virus. Ive been getting it free on the NHS (i live in UK) for the past few years now and have had very little side effects, a stiff arm hehe and sometimes it can make u feel a little groggy but thats it, at the end of the day the docs can only advise the choice is yours - Goodluck


beardtl - October 25

Thx for the info.



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