Flu Shot At 12 Wks Along

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DDT - February 12

I have yet to ask my doc about this because I have only seen him once so far with this pregnancy (I only found out I was preggers at 17wks), so I thought I could get some feedback from you ladies beforehand. I had a flu shot given to me at the same time as my son (9 months old at the time) got his own. I would have been appro. 12wks along with the new bub. I have heard that women in the 1st tri shouldn't get the flu shot. Now I am paranoid about the damage I could have done to my baby. What damage could really have been done? how serious is this? I am currently 24wks along and had my 1st u/s at 22wks where everything seemed to look good to the tech. I would appreciate any info on flu shots adminstered during the 1st trimester and the severity of it to the fetus. Thanks so much!


kate_ - February 12

DDT, i was given a flu shot at my midwife's office when i was about 12 weeks along. i imagine it's not terrible if she gave me one!!! dont worry too much about it, relax and try not to stress yourself out too much!


jennifer_33106 - February 12

Actually it is recommended that pregnant women get the flu shot. I wouldnt worry girl! Everything looks good like you said!


cynthia3 - February 13

DDT, there's no problem with getting one at any stage of pregnancy as long as it wasn't a live virus vaccine (very rarely given anymore), so don't sweat it.


eastcoast - February 13

DDT, after a big discussion with my dr., I had my flu shot when I was 7 weeks. Just as what others have said, he a__sured me it was safe and that it was recommended for anyone who is pregnant. I had an ultrasound at 6 1/2 weeks, 17 weeks, and 20 weeks and had the maternal serum testing done, and everything is fine -peanut is doing great:) Hope this puts your mind at ease.


DDT - February 14

Thank you so much for your input ladies! you have made me feel so much better. I just recalled reading something about flu shots being a huge no-no during the 1st tri but apparently things have changed or I was reading a biased article. Thank you all again. I will be mentioning it to my doc but I am sure he will repeat some of what you have already said.


sarah21 - February 14

I got mine at 14 weeks. I got sick from it even though they say you can't but it's a good idea. They recommend it because it's dangerous for pregnant women to get the flu and we're likely to get it because our immune systems are c___p. :) Just make sure it's mercury free.



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