Fluttering Comes And Goes

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M - November 2

I am 16 weeks 3 days and have experienced the fluttering sensations for about a week, however they come and go and there has been days where I haven't felt it all. Sometimes two days in a row without anything, - Is that normal? Is it because it is still so early? I just thought that if you had started feeling it then you would feel it every day...after all the baby moves around every day! Maybe it's because I have to actually sit down in a quiet place and put my hand on my belly to feel it...guess there will be days where it's moving around while I'm busy doing things and therefore I don't feel it. What are your thoughts and experiences on this. xx


~*sunny*~ - November 2

Hiya M, i believe it is perfectly normal to go for days without feeling the baby at the stage you are at. I felt the first flutterings with my bubba around 16 weeks, yet it wasn't constant, every few days it would come back, really made me wonder if I was imagining things. I am 22 weeks now and gradually those flutters have turned into kicks, I am feeling my lil one moving every day now, it's amazing how they have their own little routine in there, i know roughly what time of day mine will wake up and shuffle around. Only a few more weeks and you will be aware of it daily too ;)


Kerry - November 2

I felt something at 15 weeks, then a tiny something sporadically until yesterday. Yesterday I had a lot of fluttery feelings all morning, and yet today once again it's quite quiet. I'm not too concerned as I'm only 18 weeks, but every morning I wonder whether this will be the day I get irrefutable proof that I have a baby in my belly !


Shauna - November 2

I didn't feel anything until 21 weeks and at that stage it was a definite kick. Maybe u can feel it when its on a sensitive spot. Lucky u feelin it so early! Try to just enjoy it. I know it s hard not to worry. Good Luck!


sparkles - November 2

I first felt mine around 12-13 weeks. (I'm 15 weeks and 2 days now) Really early compared to most women, but I know it's the baby. It comes and goes but is consistently in the same area and the same feeling. Kind of weird turning/ticklish feeling right where the baby is. Probably what most women would describe as fluttering. I, also, have a very active baby according to all my ultrasounds! Even at 10 weeks, he was doing acrobatics on the ultrasound screen and wouldn't hold still long enough to get his picture taken very well! It's very exciting isn't it! My midwife said that the fluttering will be very random and inconsistent at this stage in a pregnancy. Around 18-20 weeks is when many mothers start to feel kicks.



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