Fluttering Foetus

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sarah ahmed - February 18

hi, just a quick question, how long does the fluttering of the babies movement last initially, is it only seconds? how soon can you feel your first baby, can it be as early as 16 weeks? whats your stories. would love to hear xxxx


rjrmi - February 18

I am curious about the fluttering too. I have felt something that felt like fluttering a couple of times. It is always in the same spot though. Are you supposed to feel it in different spots in your uterus or do they tend to stick in one spot this early on? (I am 17 1/2 weeks.)


jessicaspatherapist - February 18

same with me rj, i am 17.5 weeks and i'm always feeling the movement and pressure in my lower left side of my abdomen. i think that's where the baby likes to hang out....or else i'm crazy!


DownbutnotOUT - February 18

Well some babies are olympic swimmers where there constantly moving and/or they have a favorite spot like the left or right side. this wee one im carrying moves everywhere but earlier on liked to hang out on my left side. Some women feel the baby move really early on, still in the first tri well other ladies dont feel movement till late 2nd tri early third. take care ladies


britt_m - February 18

The earliest I felt distinguishable flutters was 15 weeks. My DH felt her at 19 weeks, and 20+ weeks we've been watching her kick. It's really neat, last nite I had a heart beat moniter on my tummy and she kept kicking it. But many people don't feel anything til later, then some feel it way earlier. It depends on many things like if your a little bigger sometimes it takes longer, if you've had other children you may feel it sooner than your 1st, or even how in tune with your body you are. GL


britt_m - February 18

Oh about the fluttering, mine only lasted about 10 seconds or less, mostly on left center side, between my belly b___ton and that pubic bone. I began feeling it more in other places as she got stronger, maybe those other places weren't as sensitive? I dunno. GL



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