Fluttering Turns To Kicks

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me - November 15

Woo! Just wanted to share with all you moms who are wondering when you'll feel baby actually kick: I just sat down to check the pregnancy forum, and tangibly felt baby kick me for the first time. It's just been flutters 'til now. Not hardcore *ouch* kicking, but definitely a few kicks! Due April 22nd-ish; 17 & 1/2 weeks along. This is amazing! Anyone else felt their baby's first kick in the past few days?


alix - November 15

yep i felt my little girl move the past few days my partner also felt it but she plays games with me she will only do it if im not feeling my tummy or watching. i was in bed and she gave me a huge kick so i put my partners hand on my tummy and we both sat in silence and didnt breath each time she kicked we both shouted did you feel that one! ist a wonderfull feeling and makes it all seem real! hope everything is good xx


Michelle - November 15

Hello, me too, it's amazing, over the last 4 days or so, my little boy has been kicking so much. I'm 22 wks, and up until 4 days ago it was just 'flutters'. . . but now! wow! It feels so great. Take care x


to me - November 15

does matter if you were slim, average or overweight? im a 1st time mom aswell and im almost 14wks along (few more wks til i get to feel the baby move/kick n stuff) i cant wait.....


karen - November 15

I'm due just 4 days behind you, "me," on the 26th. For just the past 2-3 days, I have felt VERY faint "flutters," but I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is the baby or not. It happens about 2 inches below my belly b___ton and I would love to believe it's the baby, but I'm not sure how you really know. It's very exciting!


Leanna - November 15

I'm due April first! I think I may have felt one, but I'm not sure if it was or not.


me - November 15

Well, I'm about 10-15 lbs. overweight usually (although I'm pretty sure I lost half of that from nausea in the first trimester), and I've been able to feel faint flutterings since week 12. But then again, I'm up really late at night not doing much, which is the best situation to feel flutterings so early in a first pregnancy.


Jo - November 15

I wish I even knew what every body means when they say they feel flutters. (I'm 17 1/2 weeks with my first baby) I don't feel anything! and I'll try to sit really still and concentrate on feeling something, but still.......nothing!


to Jo - November 15

You may never feel the flutterings. Seems as though some women go from nothing to full b__wn kicks! Don't worry. It'll be soon; you're pretty far along as it is. Betcha anything by Christmas...


L - November 16

I'm due April 14th and felt an actual kick on Friday, while I was at the Dr's. We were just finishing up and I felt this twitch - like someone tapped a pencil against my abdomen. Since then I've felt them everyday. So cool!


L - November 16

Jo - To me, flutters felt like the "B___terflies in Stomach" sensation only lower in my abdomen. I feel fluttering for about 10-15 minutes but the kicks have only been one or two per day so far.



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