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filly06 - January 29

Hi I am 17 weeks and 1 day today!I SO want to feel something! When did any of you start feeling "flutters" and or movement? Thanks!


aliciavr6 - January 29

18w1d, not once before, and everyday since (now 20w3d)


aaaaaaaaaa - January 29

I never, ever felt flutters. I went from feeling absolutely nothing, to feeling full fledged kicks at around 22w


ejmeskan - January 29

I felt my first true kick at 17weeks with what I 'think" were flutters from 15-17weeks. That is very early. I then had period kicks from 17-19 weeks and have had A LOT of full kicks since. I am 24 weeks and now know my baby's complete sleep pattern, it happens pretty quick! And it is SO wonderful!


jessica72 - January 29

I felt the slightest flutters from 15-18 weeks and then right at 18 weeks periodic little thuds and swishes. Now at 26 weeks, she moves regularly throughout the day with her most active times being at night after a meal and when I'm trying to catch some ZZZzzzzs. You should be feeling something very soon, but for some first time moms they don't feel their baby till around week 20. It could also depend on where your placenta is located. Hugs :)


aliciavr6 - January 29

Oh I forgot to say, at 18w1d, they were kicks, never felt "flutters".


stacyh - January 29

I felt them early around 14 wks. This is my second, with my first it was 16-17 wks. I felt the baby's movement when I finished eating and was laying down on my back with my legs bent at the knees. Laying down your tummy's flat, you may feel the bubble feeling/twitches etc. then. Good Luck, you'll feel it soon!


whynotme - January 30

I felt my first flutters/movement at 18-19 weeks. It's amazing and I would described the flutters as a goldfish swimming around wiggling it's tail. HA!


raeshawn - January 30

This whole "flutters" thing everyone keeps mentioning. How beautiful it feels, so on and so on. When I first felt the baby move at 16 weeks it didn't feel like a fish moving around, popcorn or b___terflies. It feels like something was moving in my stomach. Like I needed to go to the bathroom. This is my first baby and my friends got started years before me. So for years of hearing people say this. I was excited, I was saying I can't wait to feel the baby move. I want to feel the "flutters". I was waiting and waiting for this to happen. Than one day while I was at work, I felt it. It was exciting but way different from what I imagined.


JolieLucker - January 30

raeshawn im right there with you, its really exciting but to me it feels more like nudges and taps like a baby moving... not 'a brush from b___terfly wings'... so don't just look for flutters... im 16wks and i feel them everyday.. but i think these might be more of kicks... since im really small (5'6 108lbs) i heard it may be stronger for me... i have no idea this is my first pregnancy as well..


Rosiemeg - February 1

with my first pregnancy i didn't feel anything until around 20 weeks. this time around i was feeling the lightest flutters around 13 weeks. i'm in my 18th week and feel movement and kicks almost every day. you still can't feel it from the outside but it shouldn't be much longer before daddy and big brother will be able to feel the baby.


TamaraAngel - February 3

I felt the first sign of flutters two days ago at 17w. It was off and on throughout the day. I felt it briefly yesterday too. I can't feel anything right now, but maybe if i lay down and try to focus in on it. I was worried that i wouldn't notice it or would think it was something else.... but it's a very distinct feeling and i knew right away it was the baby. I guess it feels "fluttery" kinda like when you're nervous and have "b___terflies." Yet, it also just feels like movement in your belly. My doc said with a first pregnancy most people don't feel anything until after 20w.


shog - February 3

wow, its amazing to hear everybody describes this. I 'm 16 weeks 2 days...and I haven't felt anything. I'm not sure what to expect. But everybody says you would know its your baby when you feeling whatever you feel. But did everybody immediately knew it was their baby? I'm thinking of example of gas...doesn't it feel like gas? And does some women feel it quicker because of a certain type of body type? And what time of the day would it be more likely? Oh, I'm just very curious!!!



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