Flying Amp Vacation Cruise While Pregnant

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Perl - June 21

I haven't decided what to do for this year's vacation yet and I need to get on it and do it soon--I'm 17w 6d pregnant. I'd like to fly to Hawai'i (a 6 hour flight) and then go on a 7-day cruise to 4 of the Hawaiian islands with stops each day including two overnight stops. I vaguely remember reading discussions about flying while pregnant before but nothing so far on taking a vacation cruise. My questions: when (what weeks during pregnancy) is the best time to travel while pregnant? What is the cutoff when you should not travel? Has anybody been on a cruise while pregnant? If so I'd like to hear your experiences and advice. BTW I'm considering Norwegian Cruise Lines and still need to find out if they even have a doctor on the ship but I imagine and hope all cruiseliners do.


mindymay - June 21

i am sure all cruiseliners have docs available. as for traveling, as long as your not high risk, you can travel up to your 3rd tri. but make sure that on the plane or car, or anything you walk around at least every 2 hours, so you dont get clots in your legs. the clots can go to your heart or lungs, which is fatal. take care


Perl - June 21

Thanks Mindymay! I had not thought about the blood clots thing. I'll make sure to walk.


squished - June 21

I've done quite a bit of flying in the last month and have had no problems. Just drink a lot of water. I'm sure that a cruise will be just fine. You aren't going to any third world countries. If something were to happen you are still in Hawaii where there is great medical care.


CaliTrish - June 21

Hi Perl, dh and I are heading to Kauai in less than two weeks! My doc advised walking around every couple hours during the flight and to elevate my knees while sitting, i.e. put my feet up on some luggage under the seat in front of me. Your 2nd trimester is the best time to travel due to lower risks and more comfort. Airlines will usually let you fly through your 8th month. However, cruise lines will only accept you until your 3rd trimester. Keep in mind that some tours/excursions have expectant mother restrictions, so check/ask before booking. Have a fabulous time!


liannacathryn - June 22

Hi Perl, I am going on a cruise next week and I will be 23 weeks. We are on Holland American cruise line and they will not allow any pregnant women aboard if you are more than 24 weeks. Also flying I heard not to fly after 32 weeks, so I would go on your vaca before 24 weeks! All cruise lines are probably different, but they do all have docs, but will charge you a ton! Hope this helps!


JESS1980 - June 22

Hi Perl. I went on a cruise when I was around 19 weeks pregnant. We flew to Florida then got on the ship. When you are on the plane, be sure to get up every couple of hours and walk up-and-down the aisle for a few minutes. As far as the cruise goes, it wasn't a great as I thought it would be. We hit some stormy weather, which really made the boat rock. I already had bad m/s, so the cruise only made it worse!!! But, while we're on the beach, the fresh air really made me feel better & relaxed. If I had to do it over, I wouldn't take a crusie. If I were you, I would just fly to Hawaii and stay there....or pick another exotic location to stay at. But that's just my opinion.


Perl - June 22

Thanks for your honesty, Jess. I really appreciate it. I was trying to work with Norwegian Cruise Lines to make it work but they were unhelpful and practically discouraging me from getting on the ship. They gave me way too much information about emergency evacuation (insurance, costs of airlift, coast guard involvement, blah blah) plus they weren't willing to work with me so I could stay an extra day or two on Oahu after the cruise nor would they give me any a__surances that I'd get a flight from Hawaii back to my home state (California) without a c___ppy overnight layover in some faraway city like Denver or Tucson. Thanks for nothing Norwegian Cruise Lines!!! BTW, you're right Liannacathryn--even though my OB told me to get my travelling done by my 28th week, Norwegian's cutoff was 24 weeks. I'm going to see if I can just stay at a nice resort in Hawaii or Mexico instead. Thanks again to all of you for your responses. I'll remember to walk and drink water on my flight wherever I decide to go: (



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