Food Aversions Changing

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Mingill - May 23

Hi ladies, I just wanted to know if any of you have had your food aversions change? During the first trimester I couldn't stand apples, and then suddenly in the 2nd Trimester I went off of all pork products. Now, I'd really love an apple or a slice of ham, but I don't want to chance the nausea. Has anyone been able to eat the foods that used to make them ill?


Chrissythefairy - May 23

Not yet, all my aversions are the same the thing is mine are friuts and salads (cold veggies) witch are things i LOVE and things that are good for the baby. But i still cant eat them. I had a sandwich the yesterday cause i was in cla__s and thats all i can eat and it took FOREVER to go down because it had a tomato on it, i felt so sick until the tomato went down.


squished - May 25

Yesterday was the first time that I have been able to eat a steak since almost day one and I'm at 16.5w! I still can't look at a pork chop and have been really craving spicy food and grilled cheese sandwiches. Do any of you feel like you can't drink enough and you always feel thirsty?


Mingill - May 28

I'm always thirsty, I keep a bottle of water with me at all times (then I get dumb comments from men about vodka instead of water being in the bottle). I'm not sure why I'm so thirsty though. I tried dehydrated apples the other day and no nausea, so maybe there is hope of enjoying foods we loved again.


lexa - May 28

Yep, everything seems to change! I am 21 weeks along now. During my first pg, all I wanted to eat was hoagies, pizza or mashed potatoes. I love those foods along with chicken and some beef. This time around, I feel that I am forcing myself to eat meats. I crave a lot of fruits and vegetable (which I do like too). But I can't get into pizza at all (which is my fav food) And I feel as though I can't get enough water! Oh, and like you ladies...don't try to give me pork either! I like spicy foods right now, which I usually don't eat at all. Mingill, about the dumb comments you get from guys, I think it's because they know we need the "vodka" to deal with them half the time, lol!


emilymalm - May 28

In the first trimester, I had a major aversion to sugar, especially pastries. Now at 20 weeks, I can eat whatever I want including very sweet pastries. The only thing I still have an aversion to is chocolate, which may not be a bad thing.


Angiconda - May 29

I have a tought time eating hamburger if I think about what I am eating I get sick to my stomach. I am 27 weeks and have craved turkey sandwhiches, bake potatoes, corn flakes and root beer. Every once in awhile I get an odd craving but like a few of you I have been wanting apicy food also especially mexican which I never liked before. I wishI could crave something really healthy LOL



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