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Sindel - February 1

So I havent been eating the healthiest during this pregnancy. We've been eating out a lot. Hamburgers, fries, late night taco bell.... I have a hard finding "good" things at the grocery store. I tend to impulse shop by cravings or what I might think I'd like later that night.. its terrible... Lately I've been craving salads with fruit and nuts mixed in but I have a 16 month old who is very picky about what he eats. He still wants stage 3 foods. I am finding it hard to make meal plans for us and find something that is healthy and easy for me to throw together. My husband works nights so he isnt home most nights for dinner.. but when he is here its fast food and not to mention he takes lunches to work so there is always that super fattening processed junk food lying around. I love fruit but it seems to go bad before we eat it.. I'm not sure if I am not storing it right some people say leave it out, others say put it in the crisper.. canned fruit always seems to have a ton of sugar in it.. blah..So basically I am wondering what everyone elses grocery lists look like. What healthy snacks to do you bring home? Or even a favorite recipe that is filling but not fattening. Thanks in advance! =)


jessica72 - February 1

Hi Sindel, you're speaking my vocabulary...FOOD :) I agree it's been hard to eat healthy all the time, but at least you're aware of it. Do you like carrot sticks? I munch on those between meals with some light ranch dip. I also toss a baggie with some raw almonds when I got to work. They have good fats. I'd stock up on fiber rich foods like frozen broccoli (if you like this) and better tasting cereal with some fiber. I also get some yogurt (light/lo fat) and put some granola in it and string cheese sticks (for calcium). Not to say I don't do the junk food too. It's easy and let's face tastes good. So as long as you're taking your prenatal vitamin and trying to get a variety of vitamins/protein/carbs from your diet, the baby will take what it needs from you. My doc did say to hold off on too much sugar, since that will make a big baby. hehe. Hope this helps somewhat. Bon appet_t!


jodsil - February 1

Here's one for you and your 16 month old ( I think). Buy whole wheat elbow macaroni, a can of whole tomatoes, cheddar cheese and lean ground beef. Boil the macaroni, cook the ground beef (draining all fat) and mix the two together in a ca__serole dish, then add the can of tomatoes (puncture them to release the juices). Stir it all up and top with the cheese. Place in the oven until heated thourougly. With this receipe you get your servings of grains, veggies, calcium and meat. Hopefully your 16 month old will think eating the macaroni is "fun". Also, try eating a salad for lunch to fulfil your veggie requirement and buy small amounts of fruit so it won;t go bad before you eat it. I like to buy stuff that I can make a fruit salad with then you can cut it all up and put it in tupperware so it lasts longer and it's always ready to eat. I also store my fruit in the fridge because I like it crunchy. Hope this helps.


squished - February 1

Hi Sindel. I know, it's bad how yummy the fast food tastes huh? I also keep all of my fruit in the fridge in the crisper. Apples and oranges stay good a long time in the fridge. I like to eat strawberries and blueberries mixed together and yes I sometimes sprinkle some sugar on top :) I keep meaning to make a fruit smoothy too b/c I bought these frozen bags of berries, but I just haven't yet. I too eat carrot sticks and apples with peanut b___ter. Peanut b___ter is good for the protein, especially if you are having the aversion to meat like I still am at almost 16w. Also, you can get fruit cups that have no or little added sugar and it's definetly better for you with that little sugar than a fast food burger. Well, unless you have GD that is. Ok, I'm done rambling......hope that this helps.


jendean00 - February 1

I posted something similar a couple of weeks ago, I eat pretty healthy but I am sick of the same ol thing. I LOVE rice cakes the bite size ones and the ranch ones. I too love salads but never stay full from them. At night I bought some of the chocalate chip rice cakes and spread peanut b___ter on the top. I will eat junk and fast food more often than I did before I got PG and I seem to stay more full with the bad foods than with the healthy ones.


Sindel - February 1

Thanks everyone! All of those choices sound great. And the macaroni sounds really good too.. Hopefully he will eat it lol. He likes regular kraft mac n cheese so who knows. Will have to try it out! Gonna go grocery shopping today so atleast now I have some better ideas.


aliciavr6 - February 1

Sindel - I make a big batch of vegetarian (or chicken) chili, you can freeze it and it is healthy, beans for protein, tomatoes, etc. and you control the salt. The key is to cook the food yourself and just be able to freeze it, or store in the fridge. I buy lots of grapes, they seem to go really fast. And some cereals are really good for you, I eat honey bunches of oats with a banana. I also make a lot of mexican food, which can be healthy as well, just stay away from the fried stuff, try to use baked chips or some kind of lowfat and make nachos with lettuce, beans, olives, cheese, etc. AND, pasta with red marinara (maybe chop up a tomato and mushrooms and throw them in) is always easy, cheap and good for you. I eat a LOT of portabella mushroom sandwhiches with mozzarella and basil, then heat them quick on the george foreman. As you can tell, i love to cook. haha.


aliciavr6 - February 1

OH also, I bought my bf a food steamer from for christmas, and we always throw some veggies (broccoli, califlower, etc.) or shrimp with old bay into it for 10 minutes, very easy and doesn't boil all the nutrients out of the veggies.


Val - February 1

I haven't tried it, but my friends swear by their pressure cooker and the recipe book they bought for it. They can make a ton of different types of stews with minimal prep and I think it only takes like 10-20 minutes to cook. For me, pretzels (plain or peanut b___ter filled) are a great snack, as are bananas and oranges. If I'm on the run, I often grab a Tiger Milk bar or a Luna bar. We've been eating a lot of eggplant lately. I grill it up with some worchestire sauce and make sandwiches (often with feta or roasted red peppers on top), or saute it with garlic, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. and put it over pasta. (Make sure to soak the eggplant for about 30 minutes in warm water with salt before using it - it reduces the bitterness.) Some easy lunch idea are cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, or egg salad. I've also had major Spanish/Mexican rice cravings, so I often make a big batch of that at the start of the week and then use it in tacos or burritos. (To make the rice, just cook up some rice, saute some onions with carrots, tomatoes, olives, etc., then add enchilada sauce and heat.) When I grocery shop, I usually think about two or three meals that I can make during the week (and make enough to have leftovers) and then shop accordingly. There are also some good recipe books geared toward pregnancy - you might find some at your local library. Good luck and bon appet_t!



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