Foods To Avoid After 1st Trimester

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P.P - October 9

Hi everyone, I am 18 weeks today and everything is telling me different things about what i can and can't eat. Can i eat deli meat (sandwich ham, salami, etc) and soft cheeses after the first trimester or not? I would really appreciate if anyone can help me. I might end up ringing the midwife if all else fails.


kendall - October 9

i am 21 weeks and i've never heard that before i still eat deli meat and cheese. if and when you talk to your midwife please let me know thanks and sorry i couldn't be any help and congrats


Lisa - October 9

I heard that deli meats (unless heated to kill bacteria) and soft cheeses are a no-no, i.e. anything like blue cheese with the green marbling, brie, feta, camembert...anything that is not pasturized. You can't eat them at anytime during your pregnancy. Same goes for fish high in mercury such as king mackeral, tile fish, shark, tuna, and swordfish...also no raw fish. Fun huh?


ry - October 9

so you are not supposed eat tuna fish? like chicken of the sea in a can?


Mary - October 9

My doc said you can eat tuna, just no more than once a week.


kendall - October 9

as far as tuna you can eat it a lot as long as its NOT albacor, you CAN eat chicken of the sea


js - October 9

tuna in a can is NOT the same as tuna at a fish market. The mercury content in the can is next to nothing. I LIVED off of tuna in a can my last pregnancy... It's the tuna at the market you need to limit...


Em - October 10

I read and heard that tuna fish (in can) should be limited to one can a week.


Angela - October 13

You can eat any cheese as long as it's pasteurized. A lot of brie IS, so you can have brie, but it's best to buy it yourself so you know what you're getting.


Bonnie - October 13

The general rule all my books say are....lunchmeats and hot dogs should be heated to kill bacteria, tuna in a can no more than twice a week, fresh salmon and tuna nor more than once a week, unpasturized soft or moldy cheeses (blue, brie, feta) is a no, shark and swordfish are a no, raw eggs (or yolks) is a no, all vegies must be washed. Basically you are avoiding food poisonings or problems....i.e. lysteria, mercury, toxoplasmosis, etc. I will admit that, while I try to be careful, I don;t go overboard. I do eat normal lunchmeats and my yolks are semi-soft. I have eaten 4 cans of tuna in one week but I have stayed off the blue cheese and feta. If you eat any of this stuff, the odds of anything happeneing are very small (How often do you get food poisoning?). BUT...should you get it the baby has a lot less chance of recovering from it than you do, so just be careful.


Bonnie - October 13

P.S. It counts for the whole pregnancy.


P.P - October 13

Thanks for all your responses. I still haven't called the midwife yet, but as Bonnie said i think if you don't go overboard or heat the meats then your fine. I just have alot of friends at the moment who all think they know everything. And of course they all have different opinions. You are right Bonnie i think i have had food poisoning once in my life at about 18 and i am now 31. So it doesn't happen often.


Amy - October 13

P.P. = Here is a link you should check out. I think you should eat "smart." I wouldn't go buy a sandwich at a random deli where you don't know how old the meat is, etc. Also, anything in moderation will probably not kill you or harm your baby in anyway. Here is the link... Good Luck~



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