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a - November 7

I'm pregnant with my first and my due date is March 1st. I was wondering how close to your due dates did you give birth? I'm wondering this because my boyfriend will be away on business all the way across the country in California (we live in NJ) from the beginning of Jan to the middle of Feb, and I'm starting to get nervous about what the chances are of me giving birth a few weeks early.


Liana - November 7

Usually, the first baby a woman gives birth to is " well done" and comes a week or two after or around the due date! that is a researched fact, but you never know what will happen. My first born came a month early!!! Good luck though!


Amy - November 7

A - Typically your first baby comes late... however, as Liana case it came early so you never know. I was 10 days late. However, my sister was late with her babies and so was my mom. Good luck!


AWR - November 7

My first baby was born on 10/1/05 and I was due on the 11th. Great pregnancy and no signs that he would be early, just a relief, I was about to pop. Good luck.


erin - November 7

I also think that most babies are late. Ask your mom if you and your siblings were early/late. I think it might be somewhat hereditary. My mom and my grandma had their first babies a month early and so did I.


j - November 8

I had mine two weeks late...


A - November 8

I think Erin is correct about someting with heridity... my mom was late with all 4 kids, my sister was 2 weeks late with both her kids, and I was 10 days late. Most of my friends that were early also had moms that delivered early.. maybe just concidence, who knows. I hope you boyfriend will make the delivery. You are nice.. I wouldn't let my husband travel at all the last month of my first pregnancy. Now that I realize he was absolutely NO help in the delivery room (I was lucky he didn't pa__s out), I am thinking he can travel this time around! lol. ;) Good luck!


Terra - November 8

Hi "a" for my first born I was 8days overdue so they had to induce me.. I'm now due with my second March 30th.. and so far all dates add up, but I'm pretty sure they did with my first.. I guess it depends on the baby more then anything....


Mom2Lyssa - November 11

My due date was Feb 1st and I gave birth Jan 30th, but I had to be induced b/c my BP got way too high. It usually is a little later for 1st babies.


to A - November 11

I had my first 3 days early. I guess first babies are usually not 2 weeks early, more likely to come a bit later. But you never know. Does you due date tie in with when you think you conceived? I guess if he's back 2 weeks before, chances are reasonably good, provided nothing unusual happens..Hope it all works out!


Samantha - November 11

I had my first child 2 weeks early


chrissy - November 12

My first was 7 days late and i was induced. now i am due with my second on march 4th.


jk - November 14

My first was 12 days late, second was 4 days late and the third was 5 days late. My mom delivered all 4 of my brothers and sisters late too. Im 13 weeks preggo with #4 and I am expecting this baby late too!


stephanie w. - November 14

I had my first baby 2 weeks early also...


Alicia - November 14

I was due with my first on August 1st... I went into labor early morning August 3rd.



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