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Beth - October 20

This might be an old wives tale but it worked for m friend and I was wondering if you could test it out for me. You take a sewing needle (decently sized) and a long peice of thread and dangle it so that it's not moving over your belly and if it goes back and forth then it's a girl, but if it starts going in circles then it's a boy. We used ourselves to test it on, and it went back and forth on all of our arms, then over my boyfriends arm and my friends baby boy it did circles. Let me know if it works for you, also it probably won't work if you do it to yourself....Thanks in advance for participating in my crazy lil experiment!


*Samantha* - October 20

Hey. This sort of sounds like the Pencil Test. For it, you thread a needle and stick it in the eraser of a sharpened pencil. Then you hold it over the wrist (prego or not, guy or girl) and it will tell all of the children they will have or miscarry, and in what order. It sort of shows the time in between with the time that it stops between two. Side to side is a girl. Circle is a boy. I'm having a girl :) (This has never been wrong, it has even been right on a dog's litter of puppies!!) But yours said I was having a girl too :) Good luck


bump - October 20



Lisa - October 20

My Dad did that to me when I was really young and he said my first child would be a girl..and he was right! I am having a girl and my second will be a boy..


*Samantha* - October 20

I believe in these sort of tests (Pencil test) for sure.


nope - October 20

didn't work for me....said boy but we are having a girl.


Dana - October 25

Same here, it didn't work for me either. The pencil test said boy and we are having a girl.


Jennifer - October 25

It sounds a little like the gold/silver ring test, where you take a solid gold or silver ring, pluck a strand of your own hair, fold the strand in half with the ring in the fold and dangle it over your tummy. Only thing is that if it goes back and forth that indicates a boy, and circles indicate a girl. Whichever you use to dangle, you should dangle it with a strand of your own hair, and have someone else dangle it since your subconcious desires could affect the way the pendulem goes.



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