For Moms Out There Was Lamaze Class Helpful

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Serena - March 22

I would like opinions of all the moms who have taken a lamaze class before. Do you think that was helpful/useful for delivery? Did you still get a pain reliever for the pain even then? What kind of pain reliever did you get and would you do it again? I've heard mostly about epidurals and nothing else. My husband says a lot of things can go wrong with epidurals such as loss of feeling afterwards. I'm afraid to go natural and especially afraid of tearing or having to be cut and st_tched which would be agony without any pain reliever. This is my first so I heard the labor is supposed to be longer. I would appreciate any input you can give me. Thanks.


Maleficent - March 22

some women benifit from cla__ses, some don't. when labor hit me it hit hard and all those calming breathing exercizes went out the window. what was helpful was being familiar with the termonology, and some of the equipment. (things i learned in cla__s) i've had epidurals and aside from some tenderness at the cath sight i had no complicatins with them. i've also had episiotomies. the doctor will use a little numbing before cutting. i didn't even feel it. as for st_tching, i was too busy falling in love with my babies to notice.


Jazzy - March 24

No, lamaze cla__s did not help me at all, once the pain hit, I forgot how to breathe and I mean I forgot my everyday breathing skills. That was with my first and I went natural.......with my second I got the epidural with no hesitation. I am having my third and I think I am going to go natural because my labour with my second was much longer. However, I will not waste my time with lamaze cla__s again.


ekay - March 24

I'm not sure my cla__s was Lamaze, but more like Childbirth Preparation and it helped me out a lot. I had been heavily considering 'natural' childbirth. I think a lot of it depends on your instructor too. Mine was very rea__suring about how much pain a woman can actually tolerate and how much our bodies will actually help out during childbirth. I had my mom and my sister applying counter-pressure to my back and rubbing my shoulders and my hubby in front of my helping me breath. I did it all on a birthing ball. The baby was out in 2 hours. This was my second, and I had an epidural with my first. Now on my 3rd, I am planning 'natural' once again. Good luck!



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