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jessielouwho - November 2

I had to start a new one. The other was way too long, by time time I scrolled back up to respond I'd forgotten what you wrote! Right, exactly about the hotel. The pictures were beautiful. I actually wrote them this long letter of complaint and we received a complementary night at any of their resorts. We went to Cleveland for a weekend and used it there, that one was beautiful. I understand the back pain and sleeping thing completely. My back starts to hurt after being at work for a while, no one seems to think so, but sitting at a desk for 8 hours can get really uncomfortable. I haven't had a good nights rest, since, well before I got pregnant! First it was constant peeing, now its constant tossing and turning because I cant get comfortable. Awww I bet your ultrasound was sooo cute! I can't imagine because the 2D one is awesome to me! So by now you could probably see his little facial features and everything, that is so adorable! I've been feeling okay, just a little stressed from all the busi-ness. Cant complain about much other than the back pain, sleeping and HEARTBURN! OMG I think that is the worst! I'm due 2/25. Hopefully I will be moved by the end of this month. Things are looking good, I've had a handy man over the past 2 days repairing things, the painter should be starting in a couple days. I went to home depot and picked out everything I needed. Best part about this whole thing is I'm completely redoing the house but since it's my dads, I don't have to pay for anything! Yes you are right about our time flying, so now that we are so near to the holidays it'll all be over before we know it, it'll be Thanksgiving then Christmas then our baby showers then our babies! I was just thinking about my shower this morning, I'd like to have it I guess the 2nd or 3rd weekend in January but I just realized I'd have to register around Christmas time when the stores are a mess and holiday stock is in and it's busy. UGGHHH I just dont know.


shelly - November 4

Good Idea to start new one, it was getting pretty hard to scroll up and down!! My back hurts all the time now to, it's gettin worse and worse as the weeks pa__s on. Sitting for a long period of time would hurt my back too, sometimes if i'm at the computer for a while my back really hurts. Yeh, it's getting to the point where I'm in pain when I come home from work, and I'm soooo exhausted I'll fall asleep w/ in an hour of coming home from work and sleep (on and off of course) for about 12 hours!! Especially on a busy friday or saturday night. I can't get comfy either, the other night I went and splurged and bought a pregnancy body pillow, that didn't work. I threw that out of the bed at about 6 in the morning and returned it the next day. My problem is I can't stay on my side, I constantly wake up on my back and I'm in so much pain in my back that I can't move for a minute!! Is that the same problem you're having??Yeh, I can really see exactly what my little mans face looks like in my picture, it is sooo cool!! Can't wait to be able to put them on the computer. I've been lucky w/ the heartburn, I've only had it twice and only once I thought I was gonna die. I never had it in my life before, so I actually didin't even know what the hell was going on, I had to look it up on the internet, and I was like oh, heartburn!!! I ate a bunch of tomatoes that day and it said that causes it. I'm going to register in a couple weeks to try and beat the holiday rush, I might register before thanksgiving. The only thing I worry about is the stock changing, and them discontinueing things that I register for. I have a shower in December that someone at my work is throwing so I have to register before the holidays. Are you going to put a ba__sinet in your room or you going to put baby in his room from the getgo??


jessielouwho - November 5

Ouch, my back aches but not as often or as bad. Tho it sucks to sit in the chair all day I couldn't imagine being on my feet. I find myself getting pretty tired on a typical day outing, like shopping or something. Also my feet start to swell a little and ache. I can't stay on my side either! I wake up a few times a night and find myself on my back. No pain then tho, that's when I'm the most comfortable. I've been using a king sized pillow to hug up to and kinda lean on, it helps a little. Did you and your hubby hug up before pregnancy? We did, so I'm hoping when my bf comes home (only 2 more weeks!!) I'll sleep better. Probably just wishful thinking tho! Heartburn is horrible for me, I have it almost everyday. I had it like twice in my life before pregnancy. I just take a couple tums and it goes away w/in maybe 10-15 minutes. They are an excellent source of calcium too. That's exactly what I was thinking about registering, I don't want to do it too early because I don't want the store stock to change. Yes, I am going to put a cradle in my room with me until the baby outgrows it. Then I haven't decided if I'll swap the cradle for the crib or put the baby in his own room. What are you doing? Also are you going to b___stfeed? I bet your little man is so handsome, that is so cool!


shelly - November 6

No, we really never "cuddled" before, I'm more of a need my own space while I sleep kinda person!! I noticed one night we tryed to fall asleep "spooning" and it worked and I stayed on my side most of the night. So, we should probably do that more often. My hubby wakes up alot and he always has me roll over when he sees me on my back. If I wake up on my back, my back hurts so bad!! I didn't know you can take tums while you're pregnant, is it OK? Did you ask your doctor about it?? I haven't gotten it in a while now, I even ate a ton of tomatoes today and didn't get it. I was craving tai food the other day and I like it spicy and was afraid I was going to get it, but nothing. Guess I've been pretty lucky so far. I'm putting a crib in my room and there will be a crib in his nursery too. We live in a bungalow, so our room is upstairs and the nursery will be downstairs. A friend of mine is giving me a crib, so i'll put that one in my room and have the matching set in his nursery. I'm going to get a 3 in 1 crib for his nursery so little Evan can have that bed for a long time hopefully. I'll have him sleep in my room at night and his nursery during the day, when I'll be downstairs. I have 2 big dogs (rottweillers) so I didn't want anything small like a ba__sinet. My female is so curious she'd probably knock it over just trying to see the baby. Do you have any dogs?? I wonder how mine are going to be when I bring home the baby. No, I'm not going to b___stfead, are you?? As natural as it seems to most people, it just dosen't seem natural to me. I thought about it but just wouldn't feel comfortable, plus I'm going back to work when the baby's 8 weeks and it'll be hard as it is. How long of a maternity leave are you taking??


jessielouwho - November 7

I didn't ask my doctor but I looked it up online and that's what everyone in my family told me. There are alot of women and children in my family so they've asked their doctors I'm sure. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers and I'll be having my parents 14th grandchild, the other kids range from 6mths to 20 yrs old! I'm the last of us 6 to have a baby. I'll be b___stfeeding, my mom b___stfed all of us and all my nieces and nephews were all b___stfed so I've been around it all my life, so it's totally normal to me. I'm also not a very easily embarra__sed person so I don't think I'll be uncomfortable. So hopefully it works out for me because I know it can be challenging. But of course to each their own and it would be hard returning to work, having to pump all the time and everything, ack! If all goes well, I won't be going back to work. I'll have 12 weeks of maternity leave, paid by the company and then I'll also have whatever is remaining of my FLMA (12 weeks unpaid "sick-time" w/ benefits intact) time to use after that, which I estimate I'll have about a month remaining. So I figure I can take advantage of my company until about June! Does your husband plan on taking any time off? Depending on where he works, he can probably apply for FMLA (not sure if you've heard of it or not) and take some time to stay home with the 2 of you. I'm not sure if my BF will be back to work before the baby, he may just wait until after. LOL about the dogs, yeah, they'll probably be a little too excited at first. Makes perfect sense about the 2 cribs, I'd probably do it the same way. Also, I wanted to ask you, have you thought about what kind of birth control you are going on afterwards? I think I am going to try an IUD, 2 of my sisters have it and it works with minimal problems and then I don't have to remember to take the pill everyday. Well, I gotta get ready for work, yuck! ttyl


Lyndsey - November 7

Hey there!! I'm due on February after you and I'm having my baby shower on November 13th....this coming sunday...I figured it would be so much eaiser to get it done before all the holidays....try thinking about that!! good luck!!!


shelly - November 8

Wow you have a big family!! I have 2 sisters and now all 3 of us will have 1 boy. So, this is my parents 3 grandson, no grandaughters yet!! This is my in laws 2nd grandson, no grandaughters there either!! Hopefully my next one, everyone was hoping for this one to be it!! So is your maternity leave the same thing as FMLA? I know at my work I only get my 12 weeks FMLA and then if I want longer I think I get paid, but I have to pay cobra for my insuranse after the 12 weeks. Which sucks because I have me and my hubby under my insurance and will have the baby under me and I heard cobra costs like 600 a month or something like that. So I'm just trying to take the 12 weeks off plus 1 and 1/2 weeks vacation. You might not go back after the baby?? Lucky you, if you don't!! My hubby will be taking some days off we aren't sure how many. He works as a bartender, so he pretty much has to get his shifts covered, which I won't see as much of a problem. The only thing I'm worried about is, that he is in the macomb county fire academy and there's certain days that he can't miss or he's out of the academy. Two of the days are the week I'm due, so if it came down to it there's a possibility that he would have to chose school over being at the hospital which really sucks!! He hopefully can work something out w/ the instructor when the time comes closer. He goes to school 20 hours + a week and works 40 so we've had a hard time getting to spend time together. I'm soooo looking forward to my maternity leave. I finally got a allright night of sleep last night, how has yours been going?? I don't think I'm going to go on birth control after the baby. I only want to wait about 6 months and get pregnant again, so I think I'm just going to stay off of it. I was on the pill for 13 years and went off last april and it only took me that 1st month to get pregnant!! But, I have been on it to long I think so I might just have my hubby wear protection, because I heard you're extra fertile after the baby!! I haven't heard much about the IUD isn't that something they put in you like on your cervix or something? Well I'll talk to ya later!! P.S. Yeh, the babys room got painted yesterday, sky blue. I'm excited!!!


jessielouwho - November 10

My maternity leave is 12 weeks of short term disabilty. I already have what is called intermittent fmla to cover for days I don't feel good and for drs. appointments. I'll use the STD for 12 weeks after the baby is born then I can use ther remainder of the FMLA time when the STD runs out. My benefits stay intact during both types of leave. If I don't return to work my BF and I will get married or I will go on medicaid for a little while. We were planning on getting married anyway, so it's not just because of the baby or for insurance, those are just new reasons! So about your husband, hopefully they will have some compa__sion for a man who's wife his having their first child. I sure hope he doesn't miss it, I don't see how they couldn't make an exception for him. I hope everything goes well for you with that. I'm looking forward to maternity leave to, but I'm going to have a whole new line of work to do at home! I have not been sleeping well at all, last night, I hardly slept I just keep tossing and turning, then I don't want to get up for work in the morning. It sucks. Glad to hear that you were able to sleep, at least one of us was! Yeah, I guess that makes sense about not going back on birth control. But I think you will need protection. I know sometimes b___stfeeding prevents a period, thus pregnancy but you can't be too sure about that either. I was on the pill for 7 years, then I stopped taking it and I was pregnant within 3 months. Yeah the IUD sits in at the top of your cervix and aggrivates your uterine wall so nothing can implant in it. So anyway, is your baby kicking and rolling around like crazy or what? Once mine gets going he doesn't stay still! And he is getting strong I can see his kicks! He's always resting on my bladder, sometimes it feels like he's jumping on it, I thought I had to pee alot before now it seems like I go every 10 minutes!


shelly - November 11

Yeh, I hope my hubby wouldn't have to miss it because of school either! The thing is sometimes they have drills where firedepartments bring in their equipment or they do live drills that he needs to pa__s his state test. He can't make them up because they can't just set up another live drill for him, which kindof makes sense but sucks!! One of my friends hubbys grandpa pa__sed away when he was in the academy and he missed 2 days and got kicked out!! I guess it just depends on the certain days that you can't miss. The academy isn't cheap either, around $3000, so it's not like he can just retake it either. Well I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that little Evan works around his schedule!! LOL!! I didn't sleep again last night, I just tossed and turned all night!! I feel bad for you because you have to get up in the morning after not sleeping!! I don't go to work until 3:30 so I can kindof lay around until then if I didn't sleep good if I waned to. I went to the gym yesterday (I try to go twice a week) and they say that's supposed to help you sleep, but it didn't work!! I can't believe how much my belly moves around, I love it!! He moves more and more each day it seems like. I can see my whole belly moving now, like he's rolling over, and the other day was the first time I actually seen a hand move across by my belly b___ton, like he was dragging it across. Usually it's kicks that I feel and this was the first time I seen something like this. Kicks are getting high to about 3 inches above my belly b___ton sometimes, I was used to feeling the kicks so low! My hubby loves watching my belly move all around. Your man should be coming home soon right? Whens the last time you seen each other?? One other thing I was going to ask you, did you take your glucose test yet at the doc, I got mine next friday and was just wondering how it was, I heard it is nasty. Talk to ya later!!


jessielouwho - November 11

I think it'll all work out with your hubby. The baby will probably come at the perfect time. Yeah, it really sucks getting up in the morning. I hate it. I hope hope hope I don't have to go back to work! I am a complete lazy b___t, I have never stepped foot in a gym! I may be thin but that's just me, I am really out of shape! I know exactly what you mean about your belly. Actually today was the first day I could actually see his little punches and kicks because like you said he usually kicked low. Now I am feeling them above my belly b___ton too, maybe just 2 inches for me but I was able to see it. I love it. I sat my hand on my belly and I could see him trying to kicking it off! My boyfriend comes home on the 19th, I'm so excited. We haven't seen each other since I went to visit him the end of August, so by the time he comes home it'll be almost 3 months since we've seen each other. I used to think it was so horrible and I wanted him here with me so bad, then I'd start thinking of all the women having babies whos husbands are fighting over seas and it kinda put me in my place and I stopped whining about it so much. Oh, so I already had 1 glucose test, a couple visits ago. I'll have another one at my next appt on the 28th. Wasn't really bad. I didn't get to choose a flavor I was just given the one that tastes like sprite (which I hate), but I just tasted like really thick, really sweet pop.


shelly - November 16

Hello, I've been so busy really haven't been on the computer much. I ordered the furniture for the baby's room yesterday and I registered, so much fun!! It took us about 3 hours to register but it was fun for the two of us! Why do you have to take 2 glucose tests, I thought you only have to take 1? I get mine on friday, thats when I go to the doc. Don't you have to sit there for like an hour or something when you do that test? I can't wait to see how much weight I've gained!! LOL. So, your man should be home this week, you must be excited!! Any big plans for thanksgiving?? Talk to ya later!!


jessielouwho - November 26

Hi Shelly. I have been so busy! I am finally all moved in. I just have some basic organization left to do and I can start the nursery. I don't have much time right now. Just wanted to say hi, hope your holiday was good and everything is going good with you. I'll get back with you later. Jess



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