For Those That Showed Soon

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Jackie - October 4

I am pregnant with my first baby and I bloated and none of my cloths fit. I am 14 weeks along. I have been a size 6 forever. Now its like maternity clothes are still to big and regular cloths are too small. I am miserable looking for something to wear everyday. Not to mention how many of you are in my shoes and tired of listening to those that aren't showing yet? come on guys if your not showing be grateful you don't look like fatty. I mean I feel like wearing one of those shirts someone on the board posted about, "I am pregnant not fat."-----Anyone else feel like this.


jb - October 4

I know how you feel. Around 12 weeks all of my pants got really tight but I didnt really look preg, just fat. I was in full maternity clothes at 14 weeks. I just had to buy small sizes and even then some of the maternity clothes were too big. I had to walk around work holding my pants up, LOL! I would rather be comfortable though. Now I am 21 weeks and fit in most maternity clothes. Some people act suprised when I tell them my due date isnt until Feb. But I have only gained around 10 pounds. Oh well, who care what they say, right?


Jackie - October 4

Exactly JB---Who cares what they say. I tell you I am reading the other posts about the women who are 16 and 18 weeks and still wearing there normal clothes. I read on one of the posts that you aren't suppose to show at 13 weeks. I guess we are living proof about what you are not suppose to do. I want to die from this bloating. I have gained about 6 pounds in total, but with the bloating I am feeling huge. At about 9 weeks none of my pants fit me anymore. Doctor said it was gas related. At night after eating all day I am huge. My due date is April 1. I have never had a weight problem and for the most part I was pretty thin before this pregnancy. That is why I think I get so annoyed at the no showers yet while we are suffering through the "bigness".


K - October 4

I know how you feel. I've been a size 6 for 20 years. I started showing at two months. Just like you, maternity clothes too big, regular too small. I bought some size 10s which got me through another month and a half, and now at 18 weeks, only a couple of those still work (only 1 without the help of safety pins or rubber bands for the waistband), and I am pretty much in full fledged maternity clothes. My friend who is also pregnant and only 2 weeks behind me is still in her size 6 clothes. I've decided it is because I am having a girl (found out last week), and she must be having a boy(she doesn't know yet). I've heard that with a girl you expand higher and get bigger faster. Anyone else hear that, or have any experience that it might be true? It may not be true, but at least for now it makes me feel better!


Jackie - October 5

Hey K- Well according to my cousin who also showed early (She had a boy by the way), her theory is that people with short torsos show faster (I don't know about you, but I have a short torso). I also had 2 cousins (due exactly a week apart). One was having a girl and she looked like she swallowed a basket ball. From the back you wouldn't know she was pregnant. The other was having a boy and she was HUGE all over the place. The girl was born first. I don't know ladies, but today is the first time I am wearing my maternity shirt and it is huge, but at least it beats looking like a sausage in one of my regular shirts.


Angela - October 5

YES - i agree! I started gaining weight quickly and it p__sed me off. I was a size 4 and VERY in shape, now I look like a little chubby. I've gained 17 pounds and i'm only 22 weeks. eck!! finally now i look pregnant (not just fat)


K - October 5

Jackie, I have a short torso too. I'm sure your cousin is probably right. We just don't have as much room as others. My rib cage expanded and I had trouble wearing some of my fitted shirts before I started having trouble with my waistline.


Jackie - October 5

Hey guys have any of you looked at I think it might make some of us feel better. There are a few of those "no-show" people, but not as many. Oh and K- I never thought of it as the baby has no where to go. Good observation.



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