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Emy - October 8

For those of you who have felt the baby move, how often are you feeling it (ie: daily, every other day, etc.)


Ashley - October 8

At first, I felt it every couple of days. My baby would pretty much move when I was about to have a nervous breakdown after days of nothing, lol! I'm 20 weeks now and for the past week or two I've felt it every day. Sometimes, I think I didn't feel it today and then it kicks me as I fall asleep. So pretty much everyday. However, I've gained very little so far and I think that helps me feel it more - there's not much but the baby down there! :) There was a girl in my birth cla__s with her 1st that said she didn't feel anything before 26 weeks! Good luck!


Erin - October 8

I'm 20 weeks and am feeling it every day, usually several times a day. If I have juice or koolaid I usually feel it within a few minutes of finishing the gla__s. And, like Ashley I haven't gained any real weight, only a few pounds so I think that's why I can feel it so well.


erinsoul - October 8

I'm 22 weeks and feel the baby everyday, off and on all day.I've only gained 1 pound so far, but I started out a little chubby around the waist line--So I don't really know if weight gain or body type have anything to do with it. Actually. today, for the 1st time I could SEE the movement! He's an active one, heartrate is always between 150 and 160, maybe that makes a difference?


kendall - October 9

I am 21 weeks and I feel her every day. it used to be only between 5pm and 9pm now its all day i've only gained about 8 1/2 pounds (doc said i may feel her more since i am thin to start) and I notice that it i sit down and kind of lean foward a little she seems to move more. hope it helps and congrats


RA - October 9

i feel my baby everyday, doc told me if i dont feel movements for more then 24 hr to go to hospital and they will put me on monitor. So she said i should feel baby move everyday. Im 24 weeks


Emy - October 9

Thanks for your answers. I don't know if I should be worried. I don't feel her everyday...Like today, I don't feel like I have felt her yet but I felt her really strongly two days ago. I don't know if it is because I just started to really feel her last week or if there is something wrong...that is why I asked the original question.


K - October 10

Hi, I'm 22 weeks and seem to be feeling the baby less now than over the last 4 weeks. The movements are sometimes stronger but defo less of them? I had an amnio bwt a week and a bit ago and have had ultrasounds since which show baby is great but just a bit worried. I've gained bwt 10 pounds since start. Also I have a bioconical uturus so she doesn't have as much room as she might otherwise? Should I be concerned. I do tend to feel her everyday at some point?


cecile - October 10

i feel my baby every day every hour im 21 weeks and she is over active


Emy - October 10

K, I don't think we should be worried. I guess this is normal for some of us. Last night I wrote my last post and this morning from 4-6 she was kicking me on and off. I think it depends on how active the baby is, how active we are (to feel it) and also her position. From what I have read we should really start paying attention to movements closer to weeks 26/28.


Michelle - October 10

I am 24 weeks and feel my daughter daily. She is very active. I know when she is awake and when she is sleeping.


Rhonda - October 10

Hi i am 23wks and I feel my little guy daily...and he is quite the little mover I had a level 2 sono last week and the tech had a time getting all the pix she needed ha ha lol


Mandi - October 10

I am 23 weeks and I feel him move after most meals. I feel him the most though after I settle into bed. It is like clockwork....lie on back momentarily, watch stomach, see and feel baby move. It is the best especially after a really stressful day. Other than that, I feel him move occa__sionally through out the day.


Maggie - October 10

I'm 20 weeks (2nd. pregnancy), and just this past week started feeling movement everyday.


to emy - October 10

I know what you mean, I am now 23 weeks, but would go some days and not really feel movement, I have been feeling her more consistently just this past week.


Lisa - October 10

Im 19 weeks and just felt my baby move for the first was really subtle and you really have to pay attention for it. It does not feel like gas bubbles either, so once you feel it you'll know for sure and know what to look for! Don't worry, it will happen!


angela - October 10

i didn't start feeling anything until 21 weeks, then it was intermittent. now at 23 weeks i feel it off an on all day (maybe 5-10 times a day)



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