Frank Breech

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DDT - March 1

I am just about 27wks along. A month ago baby was head-down (seen through u/s) and then yesterday baby was frank breech (seen through u/s). He was VERY cramped already with legs/feet thouching his face in a doubled up position. Now, with my first pregnancy baby was head down and stayed that way from about 22wks on. What are the chances that this baby will turn? Now, I know babies can turn up until actual labour but I am looking for actual personal experiences or stories here (I know what the statistical precentage is). Thank you!


Whitney - March 1

We found out my son was breech at about 26 weeks, & when he was 33 weeks he totally flipped in the head down position & I was able to have a normal birth. I was given some stretches & exercises from my DR. that may have helped it happen.


BriannasMummy - March 1

Chances are HUGE that your baby will change. There is still TONNES of room in there for the baby to move head down. With my last little girl she was head down at 28 weeks.. all of a sudden at 36 weeks she decided she didnt like it there and turned transverse.. from that day on she went from transverse. to head down to breech, to transverse. She had tonnes of room to move and she wouldnt stay in one position for very long. In the end I did end up having a second c section, there was just no keeping her from moving.. not matter what I did. Its still very early in the game for you, and your baby had good chances of getting into proper positioning. ~Kristin~


DDT - March 2

Thanks ladies! I am not really worried about it at this stage but just wanted to get some experiences on the topic. I would like to avoid a C-Section at all costs if I can...and if there is something I can do to "encourage" baby to go and stay head-down then I will. Thanks again!


Whitney - March 3

I know there are excersizes you can do, but you should ask your Dr. before you try anything like that. Also I have heard if you play music from headphones near your lower belly the baby may try to move in that direction. Don't know if it works, but I read about it on the internet when I was trying to get my son to flip. Good luck!



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