Frequency Of Movement At 21 Weks

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cristinc - March 6

I am 21 weeks pregnant, and have been feeling movement for maybe about 4 weeks, or so I thought, the other day, she kicked me so hard it took my breath away!! But since then, there has been little, actually no movement that I can feel, should I be worried?? I am! I go to my dr on Thursday, but I am hesitant about calling because I call all the time with worries!


Kime - March 6

Wow the same thing has been happening to me. On sunday I was about to go to the hospital b/c she was moving soo much. She kicked me soo hard that my belly moved and it felt like I couldn't get my breath. I even called my mom b/c i was scared. But im actually happy b/c up until that point she hadn't really moved that much. Now she moves all the time at some points and then she'll just stop for like 2 hours. When do you have to start counting the fetal Kicks. I am 23 weeks pregnant.


kim d - March 6

hi cristin. same thing happened to me. im also 21wks and feeling movement since 17wks. its a little disconcerting isnt it? my baby is very active whenever im sitting down or still for a bit, so when i didnt notice any movement one day, i totally freaked. my friends who have kids said this is totally normal. i think mine lasted for about 2 days with little or no movement. i was like, just when something good happens (feeling baby) something scary always has to go along with it!!! slowly but surely baby started kicking me again. if youre really worried, call your dr, maybe they can squeeze you in just to have a listen to the HB (theyre probably used to these sorts of things!!!). take care, kim.


suze42 - March 6

I think as we get more accustomed to the movements, we notice them less, especially the smaller ones. So while you may think she hasnt moved in 2 days...she quite possibley has and you are just now use to the more subtle moves. Thats why the bigger ones are so noticeable and startling!!! But we sure do like feeling them!


Allisonc79 - March 7

My kicks are on and off, but I haven't gone a full day without anything at all. Its normal to not feel anything for a couple of hours. For me she likes to move alot at night when I am in bed, when I am talking loudly or even when DH is, or after I eat. I am now getting used to her time schedules. I think the counting starts around the 3rd trimester or close to when the baby is born.


cristinc - March 7

Thanks for all the replies!! You'll be happy to know that she has been very active since I posted my question, I get a little impatient at times! At least we see the DR tomorrow and it will really put my mind at east!


squished - March 8

I'm 21w and my little one is the same way. Goes crazy and then nothing. It drives me nuts! I've heard that this is totally normal and that you don't start counting until around 24w...I think


myhusband2catsandbaby - March 8

I am 24 weeks and had the same thing happen to me. I called my Doctor and was told to drink a gla__s of orange juice and eat a candy bar and then lie down on my left side and count movement for one hour. Five movements and you are in the clear.


Shannon - March 9

it's normal for the baby to have really active days and then not so active days. i wouldn't worry too much about it at this point. only a few days have pa__sed and your baby might be moving in there and you just can't feel it because he/she is still pretty small.



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