Fresh Ginger With Your Tea

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iakram - March 8

Hi Ladies...I'm trying to fight a vicious cough that is causing a strain on my stomach ..... I was told to drink regular tea with a piece of ginger. I had about 4 cups yesterday [not the really big cups just normal ones]. This really helped sooth the cough....But now i'm hearing that ginger is not good for you as it may be too hot for the system. My Dr refuses to give me anything for the cough and sore throat [I'm not one for meds to begin with], but I've already battled a sinus infection and an ear infection with 2 bouts of anitbiotics..I don't want this one to end up in another infection !! I'm drinking nothing but hot water/tea. Can't do the salt water thing - as I end up gagging. I'm also doing the steam. Anyone else have some home remedies or know if Ginger is alright?!? Any help/insight greatly apprecaited ladies :)


Emily - March 8

cough drops are perfectly safe to use, or throat spary to help sooth a sore throat. If you wish to stay away from them, use honey in your tea. It works great on the cough and sore throat. I think giner is okay too. That is one of those things my doc told me to take for morning sickness. I always used ginger ale instead, but it seemed to work. You could aslo try gingerale or sprite to help with your soat throat as the corbonation helps sooth a sore throat too....


SuzieQ - March 8

You could also try lemon tea (just add lemon juice) with honey. I use it for my cough and I'm pretty sure it's safe :)


iakram - March 8

Hi Emily - thanks I thought that cough drops would be safe - like the vicks drops. Humm that's what I've heard that Ginger is being used for M/S so it should be okay. I'll just use it in moderation. Suzie - Yes I also put a few lemon drops in the concoction I make thanks :)


clare - March 9

hiya iakram i have been told to drink ginger and lemon tea as it helps with my morning sickness so if my midwife told me to drink it i cant see how it could be so bad for you its also nice with a spoonful of honey in it.


Tillie - March 9

I took ginger syrup and added ginger to everything throughout the entire first trimester to help with morning sickness. Ginger is one of the most recommended foods in pregnancy. You're fine!


clare - March 10

another good thing to have for ms is arrowroot biscuits they are very similar to rich teas i was better eating them as i couldnt really face the taste of ginger first thing in a morning lol



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