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me - December 4

I tend to be very bouncy happy soul, and sometimes I bound up & down stairs or run through the house & end wherever I am with a big jump, like a little girl who isn't 30 years old & 20 months pregnant. I know baby is protected by lots of amniotic fluid & padding, but I still worry that this might be harmful. Anyone know if it is? Thanks.


.... - December 4

Gosh I hope your not 20 "months" pregnant.


me - December 4

lol, yep, I'm an elephant. Now can I get an actual answer please.


angie - December 4

It is good that you are very energetic and happy but i think you should turn it down a notch just because of my fear that you will accidentally trip and fall.please take care of yourself a little more. Just think of it this way you can exercise but not run up and down stairs, you have to be carefull. To your benefit you've only got 20 more weeks to go after that you can prance around once again like you were doing it before.


me - December 5

Thanks Angie. I was more wondering if the jumping itself is bad for baby, like shaking the baby or making any critical part in the womb separate... like the placenta from the umbilical cord. It's not that I run & jump on purpose, but you know how us pregnant women forget. It's basically an absentminded event, just done out of habit.


angie - December 5

well in some cases yes jumping itself is bad because you can cause the placenta to seperate from the uterus in all that can be harmfull to the baby can even cause m/c.


me - December 5

I didn't read that jumping causes that, but that conclusion can be reached in what I have read about it: that a forceful car crash can separate the placenta from the uterus. The other things I've read say that high impact exercise are harmful to the mother's joints, but doesn't say anything about the possible separation. What have you read about it? I think I may just ask my doctor what he thinks too. Thanks again for your input.


to me - December 5

my initial response (not being a doctor of course) is that if this is something you are used to doing all the time anyway, you're body is probably pretty fit and used to it, so it "shouldn't" cause any harm. but then again, the fact that you are posting this question shows that "something" has triggered you to be worried about it, so that may be your body and mind warning you to chill out a little. so take heed. ttfn!


Kali - December 5

Unless you've got a low lying placenta, which your doctor would have clearly warned you about, you shouldn't worry. Keep that body moving! Good for you and the baby!


? - December 5

try ritalin


to ? - December 5

Only if you try binding your fingers so you can't type... at least until you learn to keep your ignorance to yourself.


sparkles - December 5

Whatever your used to before pregnancy, you can continue doing. I love to dance and always have. My md told me that it was fine to continue as long as I was careful not to fall on my belly. She said that it actually is better for you to continue being active as it a__sists in making a better L&D. Just be careful not to fall or overwork yourself.


me - December 5

Hey thanks everyone for your comments! I really appreciate it. :) Good luck to all of you in your pregnancies, and may we all have beautiful, healthy babies.



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