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hoping01 - May 5

Hey ladies, I just needed to vent. I went for my 20week u/s on Friday and the tech was such a witch to me. She barely talked to me in the lengthy session and was very cold. I would try to start a conversation with her and she would answer with one word. When she was taking all the measurements, the way she was looking at the screen really scared me. It looked like something was wrong with my baby. At the end she said everything looked good. I think she just liked to see me squirm for some reason. I had my Dr. put on the requisition that I wanted to know the s_x of my baby. When I asked her at the end what it was she says " I have a guess, but I NEVER tell"...I was soooo upset!!! I am sorry, I just needed to vent....I have been really sick with an awful cold the last week or so and this was going to make my day to find out what my little peanut is. I will be happy either way, I just want to know!!! lol Has anyone had this happen and then called their Dr to find out what it is??? Did they tell you over the phone or did u have to wait til you saw them next? Just curious


ejmeskan - May 5

Well that is strange...we didn't find out the s_x but when I asked my doc if he knew he said the only way I ever find out is if the patient tells him.


llukenjess - May 5

WOW! i cannot believe that! that's horrible what a Beeeeeeepppp!! maybe at your next appointment your doc will go over everything with you! i hope u found out...i just found out i'm having a little girl. i'm 20w today!!


Patience2008 - May 5

I would put in a complaint about the tech. It is your body and she cant not tell you. How unfair!


Saird - May 5

Wow, that is horrible, If I was you I would have left the room and demanded another tech immediately. Here's a story, after I had a dd, ( I had a c-section) and I got an infection and was in alot of pain, well they sent me for an ultrasound at 11 days postpartum and the stupid tech after pushing on my belly for like 15 min's, says "so you're due in 11 days?" I just about fell off the table. What an idiot. Read the sheet already. Do you see a baby in there? Boy was I mad, cause it hurt as well since I had an infection. I told her to get someone else.


TJLebrija - May 6

Honestly I don't care what SHE does or thinks, if you want to know the s_x of YOUR child-you have a right to know. It that were me, I would file a complaint against the tech. Its supposed to be a happy day, and here you are feeling worried and upset....NOT good


hoping01 - May 6

Hey ladies....thanks for the responses. I was really upset on the day because it would have been something to make us happy amongst some awful stll that we are going through at the moment, but instead I left in tears. I called the Dr's office twice yesterday to see if the resul;ts were in and they said probably not til today. I called again today and they were in, but my Dr hadnt looked over the report yet...I am to call at the end of the day. They told me that the tech wasnt allowed to tell...I guess there was some sort of law suit against that place because one commented on the s_x of another ladies baby even though she specifically didnt want to know....It sucks that I have to should be MY choice!!! It is MY baby after all!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr Anyway, I am hoping I will find out today...I am going crazy!! They better tell me on the phone as well....I will be livid!! Thanks for letting me vent....this is just so c___ppy!! :(



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