Full Body Massage Okay

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Heidi - April 14

I'm 13 wks and I'm just sore all over, especially in my shoulders and neck. I have a certificate for a full body massage and I don't know if it's okay to do this when pregnant or not? Anyone?


erica - April 14

Yes, I read in my "what to expect when you are expecting" book that ma__sage is fine, as long as the person is certified to work on pregnant women....like us! I also got a message certificate...I plan to go...I'ts called the mommy ma__sage, so with that in mind, it should be well suited to my pregnant needs ( to lie on my side or at least a hole in the middle of the table so I can lie down)..... ENJOY and have fun!


Heidi - April 14

I can still lay on my tummy so I figure I better get my b___t in there and use it. Thanks!


Phoebe - April 14

That's a good idea to find someone who specializes with pregnant women. I was going to get one, but then my friend said that some ma__sages stimulate labor... Maybe I will check out the specialty ones to, or just wait till I am almost done cooking, and get a really good one to help my baby out. *grin*


Raye Lynn - April 14

As a ma__sage therapist, I say... ABSOLUTELY!! make sure that they are certified in pregnancy ma__sage, but ma__sages are WONDERFUL throughout pregnancy. ENJOY!! Even when you cant lay on your stomach, there are ways to experience the full body ma__sage!


chrissy - April 14

It is definately okay in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters...it is a contraindication in the 1st trimester. Make sure if you are in the 3rd trimester that your ma__sage therapist avoids your ankles...(there is a pressure point there that can make you go into labor) When I was in ma__sage therapy school I asked my teacher about ma__sage early in pregnancy and they told me that the baby needs some developing before getting all those toxins in your body dumped to it...(as with swedish and deep tissue) they clean your system so everything in your muscles gets dumped into your body...that would be a big shock on the baby so early on.


Alison - April 14

Heidi.... Yes you can get a full body ma__sage..I suggest before you go to make sure and let your OB doctor know.I am 21 weeks pregnant and just had a head to toe body ma__sage....It felt sooooo good... It was an hour and a half of pure relaxation....At 21 weeks my belly is pretty big and they used a special pillow so I could lay on my tummy with no problems.....The only thing I could tell you is ask for a person who does pregnancy ma__sages, there are some out there who don't feel comfy doing them......Two words I say to you is RELAX & ENJOY.



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