Fuming MAD Insensitive Men

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Amara - May 12

What the heck is going on with some of the men in our lives lately... I wasn't a skinny super model before pregnancy, and have gotten a bit heavier in the past two weeks... but the meaness that spew from his vile lips lately *enraged*. Eg... went to a resturant and he couldn't push me in the chair as he use to... "You are getting too heavy for this." Today, my day off... "Are you going to lay around chubby?" What the F#[email protected]? I am pregnant damn it... They are suppose to say comforting things like look at my pretty wife... or what ever... not make us out to be porkers... I just wanted to take the pen I had in my hand and poke him in the temple like in the movie CASINO.... Well buddy... I only think I am going to get bigger from here on. We are getting flack from other people out side, and don't need it at home.


Robyn - May 12

I hear ya. Half the time I dont think they realise what they are saying is hurtful to us. Like my bf called me tubby the other night, I started to cry and he was like..."NO! I didnt mean it like that I just ment your stomach is getting bigger thats all!!!" LOL They dont think before they speak. Mine does still call me beautiful so I am fortunate in that aspect. We went out to Dennys and I ordered some eggs and hashbrowns and a side salad and some seasoned friend with a side of ranch and he was all like, and I quote...."DAMN...you gonna eat all that?" and I looked at him and was like...ahem...."Yeah....problem?" LOL I am not defending them because men are idiots! But try to keep in prospective they dont think before they speak. I think you should have pulled a casino move on him....would have tought him a leson...lol


Melissa - May 12

Hey, you know the movie misery where the guy is the in wheel chair, and she smashes his knees with a sledge hammer....then you can be the one that says " Are ya just gonna lay there big guy???" While you are laying around on your day off, I would suggest watching more movies, Godfather, Fargo, Rocky...


Melissa - May 12

Heidi ~ Ankles, knees, hell, I say smash em both just to be on the safe side!! hahaha!! I blame the hormones!


Heidi - May 12

Yeah but they still need to go to work and make some money. Ha ha! I say when you get your skinny body back, torture him with your body and say you always have a headache. Ha ha!


Amara - May 12

*still angry* It I told him about his beer belly that he's gotten since we've been together... I don't think he would be happy... IDIOT!


Amara - May 12

I loved Misery... laughed through the whole movie... Heidi, I am so going to do that... get the body back that is... and he won't be able to touch me with a ten foot pole...


Heidi - May 12

I bring up his gut a lot when he talks about my baby belly. At least I have an excuse! I think pregnancy has that effect on people around you. He's gained weight and so has my golden retriever. All three of us are watching what we eat now. Ha ha! Of course my dog looks cute plump and I don't make fun of him :)


Carol - May 12

My hubby hasn't said anything about the weight, but one morning I was so sick. I had a terrible migrane and was in the bathroom at 5:30 am puking my guts out. I called in sick to work and went to lay on the couch, crying and praying that the pain would go away. When DH got up at 6:00 he walked into the living room, turned the tv on and kept walking into his bathroom (Weird, I know, but soooo wonderful if you can try it. We don't share a bathroom. I use the master and he using a bathroom in one of the rooms) Anyway he went about his merry way of getting dressed etc. NEVER watched the tv, got breakfast, let the dog out all the while I am laying on the couch and he still hasn't said anything to me. Then just before he leaves he says, like an idiiot, "Don't you have to go to work?" I could have KILLED him. He was completely oblivious!! What a jerk. He also didn't believe me about being tired until he talked to one of his female friends (known he since high school) and she told him it was like the life was sucked out of you. MEN!!!


Amara - May 12

*hands the pen to Carol* Here... you need this too... I guess we can't have everything... at least mines would come and rub my back or something and ask if everything was okay... I would still appreciate not being told I am fat.


Tammy - May 12

Tell that sensitive hubby of yours to go stay at the Holiday Inn. If my husband made comments like that, he'd be affraid to go to sleep. Most fathers-to- be tend to gain some weight when we are preg. Tell him to make sure that he does not. You are going to get rid of your belly. My husband gained 25 lbs. with my last preg. It was a big joke. Men could never handles pregnancy. Good Luck


C - May 12

Oh my!! I can relate, men can be sooo insensitive. Last week we were at Walmart and I was thinking of buying a excercise ball for the kids hamster to run around in and get some excercise...He says, your the one who needs a giant ball to run around in....thinking he's funny....I tell ya I wanted to rip his face off!! Oh but no preblems when he WANTS something! And the thing is...he has gained weight since we've been together and what the hell is his excuse??? I am pregnant with my 4th child thank you very much!! In fact d__n it - hand that pen to me:)


Amara - May 12

I wish we could be so mean an tell them.. "Take your fat beer belly to the gym... or Go buy a tredmill instead of all of those stupid electronic gadgets." They would be so upset, and quick to claim that their wives / gf don't treat them right... I just don't feel like going anywhere with him anymore... I'll just take my fat self out alone!


Tammy - May 13

On Mother's Day, everyone on my husband's side went out for breakfast. When it came time to order my husband leaned over to me and said how hungry he was. He ordered an omlette, waffles w/strawberries, and an an order of french toast. Everyone turned around and gasped and he said, "Oh, she's expecting, we're going to share." I elbowed him so hard in the side and everyone laughed. True to form he polished off all 3 meals.


Melissa - May 13

So funny to hear that other peoples guys have gained weight. My husband has gained more weight then me so far since I have been pregnant. I was thinking more about some movies, Uma Thurman kicks a__s in Kill Bill....but like Heidi says, dont kill the guys, just hurt them, but not too much, we still want them to go to work!


Amara - May 13

Okay... new day... I'M STILL PISSED OFF! Why does he have to keep commenting about me crushing him or something... Yesterday I told him he hasn't seen crushing yet... I'll wait till he's sleeping and then crush him! ARRRRGGGGGG! *yells like Charlie Brown*


Jennifer - May 13

Sorry you have a rude man. My husband luckily has always told me that I look beautiful and I look even s_xier pregnant (told him not to get use to that!). It's my mother-in-law that I could strangle....I don't want her in the labor and delivery with me because I might kill her.



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