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bloodlust - March 24

I think it would be fun if everyone shared how they found out they were pregnant or their conception stories because I look back at mine and it's still very funny! Here's mine....well, my fiance and I weren't trying to concieve but we weren't preventing it either. Well, in late December (I conceived in Nov.) I really started to notice how tired I was, to the point of sleeping all day and all night. I did think of pregnancy but figured it couldn't be that because I had thought I was pregnant many times before and nothing. I also was prone to skip a period every one and while so missing my period in December wasn't to out of the ordinary. It got to the point where I was looking up different sicknesses online! I couldn't eat, slept to much and overall felt like poo! I remember I was watching Discovery Health and I watched a show called "Mystery Diagnosis"...I was thinking I had a mysterious disease or maybe Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome lol. I did keep asking my fiance if he thought maybe I was pregnant and he kept saying "nah, you would've gotten pregnant a long time ago" so..I figured I wasn't. It was also funny that at Christmas I didn't eat much but I usaully LOVE Christmas dinner! Anyhoo, Jan. rolls around and no period. Still feel like c__p as well. Finally, I talk to my mom about this (I thought maybe I should see a doctor about my adrenal fatigue syndrome lol)..I tell her all my symptoms (except missed periods) and she says "You're pregnant". I started laughing at her and said nah..that's not true. But she finally convinced me to test anyway. She said we could go get a test the next day...but I told her "h__l no, I'm going to the drug store NOW". So I went...stopped by my fiance's work to tell him what I was doing and so I took the test in his work bathroom. When it came up positive that was one of the most shocking moments of my life. I started crying lol. I wasn't sure I wanted a baby and all those other shocked thoughts. Anyway, I told him and he was very happy about it lol. He came home that night with ice cream (he assumed that because I was pregnant, I was craving ice cream) which I thought was sweet. It took me about three days to get over the initial shock of the whole situation but I came around to it and now here I am, expecting my first child in August. It's a blessing. Anyhoo...sorry this is so long. Hope you guys have stories to share :)


3babies - March 27

My first was similar in that in wasnt planned and we were on the pill. I had been for years, but have to admit never taking any extra precautions if I was sick or on medication but had never had a problem. Anyway my husband and I had been married about 8 months when we went on a cruise and everyone kept saying oh, you'll come back pregnant. I kept saying no not for a few years, well while away we had a fantastic time, lots of drinks etc. Anytime I felt queasy I thought it was seasickness and took another kwells! When we got back I went to put a dress on that was really tight over my b___bs, and I remember thinking right I'm going on a diet after all that excess eating/drinking. Well it was a few days before I realised that I was into the sugar pills, but no sign of a period. I took a test and sure enough ... pregnant. I had always had great plans of how I was going to suprise my husband when I told him ... well did he get a surprise! I walked out of the toilet and showed him the test. He looked puzzled and asked what is this? (I hadnt even told him I thought I might be preggers I was so expecting it to be negative!). I said what do you think it is and he said a nail file? Then I told him I was pregnant and burst into tears!!! He just kept asking me if I was sure. He was still asking that after we saw the doctor. That was when I suggested that I didnt think you would get four false positive tests. We were both really happy about it, as we are terrible procrastinators and would never have made the decision to start a family!


marie - March 27

I stopped using NuvaRing January '06. I've been using contraceptives for 12 years. Dh and I were not planning to conceive this year but we were'nt trying to stop it either. Anyway, everyone was telling me that I might have a hard time conceiving since I've been on the pill/nuvaring for 12 years. So on October, I bought an ovulation kit and used it, I didn't tell dh what I was doing. I think he thought I was just h__y that week . . . lol. I've always been on a 28 day cycle so on the week that I was supposed to get my period, I bought a test kit and I got a + result. I couldn't believe it at first, you know like the first time I timed it and it worked? So, that night I tested it again, still +. The next morning I tested it again, still +. I called the doctor to schedule for a blood test, that same day I went to the lab. The lady who drew my blood gave me a number to call and a reference number. She said I can find out 2 hours after. So after two hours, I called and found out that I really am pregnant. After work, I went to RiteAid and bought a small milk bottle and a pacifier, put it in a gift bag and bought a card that says Congratulations. When I got home, dh was on the phone. I told him to meet me in the bedroom after his phone call. I gave the bag to him but told him to close his eyes and just take everything out from the bag. When he opened it, it took probably 5 seconds for him to realize that we're pregnant. He had the biggest smile on his face and I can tell that he was soooooo happy. He said he didn't even know that we were actually trying to get pregnant. lol ...


marie - March 27

Oooppsss.. that was supposed to be JANUARY of '05


kimc - March 27

DH and I were thinking about trying to concieve in Spring 06 and I went to my doctor to find out what I should be doing beforehand to get ready. She said that it takes most couples 3-12 months to get pregnant so I should start trying right away. I though if it took 3 months it would be perfect timing for an October baby, and what a perfect time to be big and round... weather is cooling off... We started in November and I got pregnant the first time. So much for planning anything! *grin* I let my husband know 2 weeks before Christmas and after the inital happiness he says to me "Aw, I was looking forward to at least 2 more months of 'trying' "



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