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britt_m - February 13

Well, I thought I'd try to start something to relieve some stress, or at least boost some moods. Has anything happened to you or have you done anything completely ditzy?


c_baer19 - February 13

Well I find it pretty funny, at least - my DH picks on me sometimes, I mean like messing with my hair, or pinching me, little things like that, lol, and for some reason my fuse has gotten much shorter lately! Now when he does it, I just start yelling right away, and he has taken to calling me "Pregzilla." He even does a little Japanese voice and goes, "AHHH, Pregzilla!!!!"


britt_m - February 13

I did, we have two doors at the end of a hall. One straight ahead and one on the left. My husband asked me to get his wallet out of his pants which were in the laundry basket right next to the door (straight ahead). So I went in and bent over, grabbed his wallet out, went to stand up and turn around, I slammed into the doorframe. As I was getting my balance back and cussing out the door frame, I turned around and ran into the other door frame on the other door. My husband was in that room, I threw his wallet at him, and he asked me what was wrong! Oh I don't know didn't you see or at least hear me bouncing off the walls!!


britt_m - February 13

That one's funny c_bear "Pregzilla" my dh does that sort of thing also. No nicknames yet, he seems to like to do it til I get so frustrated. Then quit and pinch me one last time before he goes to the kitchen or bathroom. There still little boys at heart, lol.


squished - February 13

LOL,,,,,you guys crack me up. Pregzilla! That's like my dh, when I'm getting crabby he'll ask if he needs to go get the "anti-b___h" lotion b/c maybe I didn't put enough on this morning. It cracks me up!


c_baer19 - February 13

LOL squished, my DH hasn't thought of anti-b___h lotion yet. And Britt, that is hilarious =)


jendean00 - February 13

I don't really thinks this qualifies as pregnancy related, but I sure blamed it on that. Apparently the panes of gla__s next to a door are called side lights. Well HR called me at my branch and told me they were going to send me some No Smoking stickers to stick on the side lights so I said Side Lights?? They said yeah next to the door. I said Oh ok, They said if you are unsure where to put them then you can look at ours here at main office when you come over to the meeting. So I goover there and I am looking for know that light up and determine that we did not have any side lights so I did not hang the stickers yet. So 2 days later HR comes to my branch and ask me why I did not hang the no smoking stickers and I simply said. You know i looked for those side lights and we did not have any so I was trying to figure out where to put them...after they laughed pointed out that the panes of gla__s were called side lights and called me a blonde....I said leave me alone I am pregnant. Haha You might have needed to be there but I thought it was pretty funny.


mama2boys - February 13

When pregnant with my first, I dropped an entire gallon of milk in aisle 4 and it went everywhere.


just__me - February 13

well i think this is funny now...for 2 whole days i was putting in the wrong pa__sword for my voicemail! i couldnt figure out why it wouldnt let me check my messages. i thought FOR SURE i was using the right pa__sword then 2 days later i woke up and it hit me like a ton of bricks! thats wasnt the right one... DUHHH!!!!


michelleodell - February 14

I can go from happy to monster to happy in 2.8 seconds!!! Hee hee! My poor DH! He never knows what to expect. But I guess my funny story would be how I ended up being selected for jury duty now of all times. We have to call in every week to see if we need to show up, I have forgotten twice, luckly all cases so far have settled out of court. I'm supposed to call tonight. I hope I remember. I will be doing this till May. I am due June 13. When we (all 160 of us) were first called, we had to go to the courthouse to be given instructions from the judge. I showed up the same time a few other people did and we were told to go into this room. When I went in and sit down I thought to myself there should be more people than this... We told this was an open hearing... I was thinking I'm not supposed to be here but I was too afraid to say anything. I sit there 30min and they had a recess. I walked over to the other people I walked in w/ and explained my odd feeling of being in the wrong place. They said they were thinking the same thing. One of the "witnesses" to the hearing asked if we were here for jury duty we said yes. She told us we were supposed to be upstairs!!! I figured a warrant was already out for my arrest. We go upstairs and walk into the courtroom. We were told to state our names. I did and tried to explain that I had gotten married last year and the letter for jury duty was sent to me in my maiden name. He didn't want to hear it. After we listened to instruction for about 25min he said that there were 6 people that did not show and warrants would be issued for those individuals. As I was leaving I tried to explain to the clerk and they said I was ok, but my name, my maiden name was still on the judge's desk w/ the other delinquents... I called the courthouse that afternoon and found out they were going to issue a warrant earlier until they realize who I was. I have the worst luck!!!


ophelia73 - February 14

Pregnant brain is the worst! I stopped at a 4-way stop at our local shopping mall and sat there forever waiting for the light to turn green! When a car pulled up next to me, stopped, then went ahead, I finally realized my dumb-a__s-attack. Thank goodness no one was behind me!


jendean00 - February 14

Ophelia, haha I got a mental picture on that one.



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