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Elsa - July 30

Since like week 19, I've had a gagging problem. It is not that my stomach is upset... it's like my throat is upset or something. Eating something usually helps, but if I don't have anything to eat or swallow, I start gagging. I don't vomit, just gag. Anyone else have this problem?


Miss Mary - July 30

I have had the same thing!! I am so glad I am not the only one.... This is what I have has "instead" of morning sickness. Its like my gag reflex is ultra sensitive after eating certain things. My stomach rarely feels upset only if I eat something that doesnt agree like spicy foods. Im only in my 13th week though


Taryn - July 31

Oh my gosh I have the same problem especially when I brush my teeth, everyday I gag really bad and if I eat certain foods...I am so glad to hear I am not going crazy...the girls at my work told me it is all in my head but my doctor said that everything is "heightened" while you are pregnant including kyour gag reflux...


Elsa - July 31

Wow, I'm glad I'm not alone. I have never heard of anyone having a gag problem... just stomach upset problems, ya know? Well, not that I'm glad you two have to deal with this, but I am glad that I'm not alone and that I'm not some freak. Today the gag problem is not so bad, but I have good days and bad days. Taryn, I thought maybe that it was in my head too, but I'm glad to hear that your doctor doesn't think so. Thank you both for your feedback!


Jean - August 1

I have the same gagging problem. I tried Preggie Pop Drops and they ease my gagging. When I ran out I just tried regular sour candies - like lemon drops and they do help for some reason.


Margaret - August 1

With me, I don't even have to be eating or doing anything with my mouth to gag. Anything that smells nasty or looks nasty makes me gag. Sometimes I even throw up. I don't know what it's like our gag reflexes are super sensitive and on overdrive!!! So good to feel like your not alone!


Elsa - August 1

Jean, I've tried lemon drops too. I bought a bag of lemonheads and they do help... if only to take my mind off gagging. I actually have the bag out and ready right now. :-)


Jean - August 2

Yes - I have a ziploc of lemon drops strategically placed everywhere!



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