Gained Alot Of Weight

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cynthia3 - December 26

If you're sure the weight gain is just that you've been eating more, you can try drinking a lot more water so when the cravings hit your stomach already feels a bit fuller and you eat less. 20lbs doesnt sound so horrible so ask your doc, but don't worry about it unless he/she says you need to.


Rachel29 - December 26

Hi Alicia! You know, I really think that exercise goes a long way to help you keep off the weight if you aren't doing it already. I know now that I'm pregnant (just hit the 5 month mark) that is the absolute last thing I want to do on days when I can just barely pull yourself out of bed, but it does help, and it's good for the baby. I've only gained about 5 pounds so far, and I really attribute it to the fact that I used to exercise a lot, and still do a 25 minute cardio work out 3 days a week. As for eating, I don't watch what I eat so much as just try to eat three healthy meals a day. If I crave something, I eat it, but if I have pretty much good food in my system it cuts down on the chocolate bars. Anyway, I hope that helps! Also, I'm sure when the baby comes, you'll be chasing after him or her, and the weight will just come right off!


mgn - December 26

if u are a small girl it might be ok to have gained that much.......i was 118 when i got prego and i am now 23 weeks and weigh 131 EEK! i know, it is soooooo not me to be at this weight. i do agree with rachel that exercise helps. also, eat as much fruit and veggies as possible and lean meat......give into your sweet cravings but just a a cookie or two instead of 10! :) best of luck to you. oh, and drink LOTS of water....take care


xvkx - December 26

Don't worry so much about weight gain! I'm 5 months and have went from 128lbs to 147lbs myself, but I'm still nowhere near being overweight (in fact I'm still within my BMI at 22.3). The way I manage cravings is by giving in a little and then filling up on something healthy. A lot of times you just need to get the taste in your mouth and then you're good for eating anything. Do not deny yourself food and do not try to fill up on water - just try to make sure the majority of what you're eating is good healthy stuff. Exercise moderately and make sure you get plenty of water/clear fluids so you don't get dehydrated. I walked a lot before I got pregnant but now I have *really* grown to love it because you can go as slow or as fast as you want, it's really easy to slow down if you need to, it's easy for you to do period, and it gives you a chance to chill out, think, observe, get some fresh air, and enjoy the scenery. You only get one chance to make a healthy baby... if you don't get enough nutrients while you're pregnant, either by under eating or by not eating the right things, there is no going back or fixing it. At least if you gain too much while pregnant you can fix it later.


xvkx - December 26

Oh, btw - since you're craving sweet stuff, try replacing sugary sweets with things such as fruit and yogurt. Chances are that's what your body is *really* wanting when you crave something sweet. Sour stuff is usually an indicator that you need something like vitamin C, and an interesting but effective way to cure that is to literally suck on vitamin C pills (straight up vitamin C, no rose hips).


pomny143 - December 26

If your doc isn't conserned then you shouldn't be either. When I had my first I went from 120 to 182! Crazy huh? Yet within 2 weeks I was back tio normal. With this one, I am almost in my 6 month and I gained almost 30! I never understood those women who gained 25 pounds their WHOLE pregnancy! Yet, everyone is different. If your doc becomes concerned then you have something to worry about. Eat...the baby is hungry! Yum Yum Yum!


sterlinberlin05 - December 27

With my son I went from 110 to 162! And so for with this one I've went from 121 to 140 and the last visit and I'm only 21 weeks. Some women can't help it they just gain it whether they exercise and eat right or don't. I tried exercising a little more everyday this pregnancy for about a month and still gained 8 lbs that month so I figured it's not going to matter if I do more than usual or not. Hey I look at it now as the only time in life when it is truley ok to order that dessert. You know it's for a good cause right so wear those bigger clothes proudly and worry about it after the baby's here and your out of excuses!!


buckeye74 - December 27

I am 15 weeks and have gained 16 lbs. went from 130 to 146! it seems like the weight gain is slowing a bit though. my doctor said some people gain a lot early on but tapper off later. she wasn't concerned. it already seems like i am slowing down a bit. haven't gained anything in 2 weeks. so i wouldn't worry too much about it.


kay101 - December 27

With my daughter, I started at 105 (I'm a little short and pet_te) and ended at 157. I pretty much dropped back down to my prepregnancy weight several months after she was born, despite my efforts to keep a few of those pounds! I began this pregnancy at 108, I'm 17 weeks, and I'm up to 121. My doctor was never concerned about my weight gain. Unless you are obese and your doctor has concerns about you gaining to much weight for your health, pack on all the pounds you want. Go for the sweet and sour stuff, just make sure you're getting fruits, veggies, and meat (for protien) in there too so the baby gets everything he/she needs.


ms. optimistik - January 2

Hey girls, by reading these, now I am worried. I am 14 weeks and have only gained 2 pounds. I do not throw up and I feel like I eat non stop. The doc said the baby's hb is perfect. Should I worry?


cors1wfe - January 2

ms optimistik count your blessings don't worry you will gain weight soon enough - so long as you are eating you are feeding your body what you need you are probably one of the lucky ones with great metabolism but please don't worry!


newmomma32 - January 4

I hardly gained wait too, and had no morning sickness. don't worry msoptomistic.


eastcoast - January 4

I'm on the opposite end.....I've gained 17 pounds in 19 weeks:( But I'm small to begin with and my dr said that my weight gain is fine so I'm not going to worry too much.


newlywed0915 - January 4

ms optimistik... I'm 15 weeks tommorrow and have yet to gain a pound! If your doc says everything is fine, then just listen to him/her and be happy. Its strange how this is the only time a women WANTS to gain wait and they're worried if they don't! Kind of funny, eh? I started this pregnancy at 155, and lost 12 lbs. Back on the scale at my appt Wednesday they had me at 154 with my boots and clothes I'm not even back to my pre-pregnancy (barely pregnant at 4 weeks) weight of 155. They didn't express any worry though, and the baby is just fine so far! I'm sure we'll start packing on the pounds soon enough though!!!


newlywed0915 - January 4

anyway, I worried about not gaining weight too, so its normal to worry about that! You're not alone!



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