Gaining Too Much Weight

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Brittany - November 10

okay well im 20 weeks pregnant and before i got pregnant i weighed about 120-125 pounds and now im already at 150!All i do is crave sweets,i still eat SOME good food,but its so hard not to give into the temptation!well my question is,does any one know of some foods that are healty for you and taste good?


Em - November 10

Well, if you're craving sweets, maybe try yogurt or fruit? Dried fruit? Whole-wheat toast spread with a bit of "all-fruit" jam? Oatmeal? I've been gaining too fast too....too much ice cream!


Tamara - November 10

I'm in the same boat (well similar). I weighed about 145 pre-preggo and now at 23 weeks I'm about 169...yikes! I'm tall so I don't look FAT but I do look like I'm getting a bit chubby...but I figure I'll have lots of time after to get it off. I eat fairly healthy too so I just don't know. Oh's for a great cause. :-)


bean - November 10

I crave sweets like mad too! I buy candy and then ask dh to hide it on me and dole out just a few pieces a day. Try using natural sweeteners - like honey - rather than eating foods that contain corn syrup. Eat a lot of fruit (that's sweet!). Esp grapes - mmm.... cold purple grapes are awesome! How about raisins? Craisins? Bananas with peanut b___ter? Just remember that all those sweet empty calories don't have any nutritional value for your little one - and worse yet - the baby may be more prone to diabetes if you keep loading him/her up with sugar rather than good wholesome food.


Amy - November 11

I give in to cravings for salty food more than sweet but some of my favorite "sweet" snack recipes: Banana Sundae: Take a banana, cut it up, put in a dish and drizzle with a little caramel sauce and sprinkle with salted sunflower seeds an raisins. Also, an apple or banana with dabs of peanut b___ter on it. Grapefruit drizzled with honey and broiled until heated through Not a fast recipe but good: Roasted sweet potato sprinkled with brown sugar and pecans. Bon Appet_t!


to Brittany - November 11

I have a friend who ate nothing but loaves of bread and Ben & Jerry's ice cream pints for her whole pregnancy every day! She gained a hundred pounds, no joke! But she's back to her pre-pregnancy weight. It's not really the weight you gain or if you lose it, though. It's the up and down cycle that's not good for your body. Even if it's just ten pounds. If you keep gaining & losing weight, then you should be concerned. But if this is a one time thing due to pregnancy, I wouldn't worry about it.



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