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RJS MOM - November 30

is gatorade ok while pregnant? I'm about 12 weeks and i just LOVE lemon lime gatorade.


ShoppingForTwo - November 30

I always wornder the same thing when i pa__s Gatorade in the grocery store, I always want to buy it. I'm not sure if we are allowed to have it or not so I always get Propel. It's flavored water made my gatorade. . .


Happymommy - November 30

Gatorade is fine. The "off-limits" list for pregnancy has gotten so crazy and hyped up. There's not much that could really hurt your pregnancy, aside from the obvious things such as drinking, smoking, drugs, etc. Just use common sense. GL


sarah21 - December 1

Gatorade is fine. It's mostly sugar and water.


mgn - December 2

it has high fructose corn syrup which is not GREAT for you or baby, but in moderation all things are fine (except for drinking, smoking, drugs, obviously) :) i loved it as well but i subst_tiute all natural juice for it now. its just as good and better for baby. i mix 1/2 cup juice with 1/2 cup water.......mmmmmmmm........i do miss diet pepsi so much more though!!


hugs - December 2

Hey..everyone..I was told by my nurse that gatorade is very good to keep you hydrated, especially when I was having a lot of morning sickness during my first tri. She also told me that I cld try all the various flavours that they have. But the one I like is lemon. So i guess about a small bottle a day shld be ok. Hope this helps.


kay101 - December 2

Propel DOES have artificial sweeteners in it, hidden under a wierd name. My sister pointed it out to me when she found out. I'm not sure about gatorade, but either way, artificial sweeteners are perfectly to have while pregnant in moderation. Go get your lemon lime girl!


Rachel29 - December 3

I think that it's probably fine, as far as not hurting you or your baby, BUT when I talked to my doctor, if you already have to pee a lot, it will make things worse. Apparently anything with a lot of sugar in it goes straight to your kidney's. I know for me anyway, I have the WORST bladder in the world, made worse by pregnancy, but if yours is stronger, I say go ahead!



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