Gender Accuracy Of Ultrasound

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sara - April 20

i am 18 wks and had my ultrasound today. the tech saw a good shot from underneath the baby and was 100% its a girl. has anyone been told this and then turned out to be a different gender


Leahp - April 20

I've heard of it happening from my mom who is a nurse on Post-partum. Plus if your told it's a girl there's always that possibility it could be a boy, becasue once the tech. sees a boy, that's a hard mistake to make! But girls can hide. If your tech was pretty sure though and got a good shot, I'm sure they're correct, I saw a poll on one of the pregnancy web sites how often the gender was wrong and it was only about 3%!


camie - April 20

the odds of them guessing the wrong gender is usually if they say girl and you end up with a boy.--because in the sonogram--when they show the boy parts it is very apparent to see that it is a boy--I think for the most part if they do the sonogram at the correct time they are usually correct. My sonogram was april 18th and we saw that it was a boy before the ultrasound tech even told us. it was very apparent that he was a little boy. Good luck


Julie - April 20

If the tech told you 100% girl I'm sure she is right or she would have said 80% I had this happen to a friend they didn't have a good shot and said it looks like 75% chance girl and it turned out to be a boy. If she wasn't sure she would have told you.


Jessica - April 20

I agree, if the tech said 100% they are really sure. At my ultrasound they were very sure it was a boy. His parts were very obvious, but she told me that it is a little harder to see a girl. She also said she was 100% sure it was a boy. If they didn't know, or weren't so confident they would not have told you 100% - Congratulations, it's a girl!


winter - April 21

Congrats on your liitle girl! I am soooo jealous that you all get to find out what you are having. My baby keeps its legs closed so the tech cannot tell. I used to work in L&D and the accuracy of ultrasounds depend on two factors, first, if the baby is positioned right (legs open, bootom up) for the tech to see it clearly and second, the experience level of the tech. Good luck.


Lynn - April 21

My husband & his ex-wife were told their baby was 100% girl too. When he was born they found out that he was a boy. Apparently a late bloomer. I have read that if your tech tells you it's a boy,100% then that is accurate, but if they say it's a girl, well, his "bits" could start to poke out anytime. Especially at 18 weeks. That's a little early for gurantee a girl.. Maybe if it was more like 28 weeks, I'd feel a little better.


nicole - June 1

yes at 20 wks my doctor told me it was a girl for sure so i went out and bought everything in pink. then at 28 wks he did another ultrasound and said it was a boy. you can tell its a boy for sure but twins are on both sides of my boyfriends family and mine.the doctor took clear pics and they both look i don't know what is going on maybe it is twins. make sure you save all of your reciepts when you buy pink stuff you never know if its a 100% accurate. good luck and congratulations.


emma - June 10

I had a sonogram at 18 weeks and was told that it was definitely a girl. I had another at 31 weeks and they confirmed it was a girl. Two days ago (35 weeks) after switching to a new OB they immediatly did a sono and you would never is a boy. Don't get your heart set on it, cause it will be broken if that is what you were hoping for.


Kelly - June 30

I have two girls. The first the u/s tech couldn't tell. The second they said it was a girl and it was. Now I am pregnant with my third and at our 20 week ultrasound the u/s tech say's she doesn't see any boy parts so from this ultrasound she would lean towards a girl but, to have the next u/s tech to confirm or change it She didn't even give a percent. I felt my first was a girl. I didn't know with my second and now with this one both my husband and I felt it was a boy. What do you think ?


jodie - June 30

I just had a 19wk ultrasound today and we saw the boy parts loud and clear. The tech didn't give me a percent either but it was a perfect shot with the legs open. I felt he was a boy the whole time too. I heard on another thread that sometimes it's hard to tell its a boy if the b___s haven't dropped yet. which can cause the mistake of a girl. When is your next ultrasound?



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