Gender Announcement Ideas

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lulubell - September 25

Does anyone have any cute ideas for announcing gender to your friends and family. I'd like to do something really different, but I'm clueless. I don't know the s_x yet, but I'd like to start planning something.


Dani - September 25

For my father, we had some flowers dyed blue. Bought a bundle of ITS A BOY ballons, and a bunch of boy clothes and decorated the living room w/the stuff :) It was fun. But its only easy to do that w/relatives who are close that dont live far away. :) Good luck


cb - September 25

hi lulubell, I am wanting to do something also to tell my partner, I am having identical twins, and we are hoping for girls (we have a two year old son) But we will be happy with what ever, as long as they are healthy!! I will hopefully find out in another 3 weeks!! I have one thing on my mind if they are girls, (because we may have there names picked already) But I wanted to make a card, get a copy of the ultrasound picture, stick it to the card write there names on it, and decorate it in pink stuff!!! But I have no idea what to do if they are boys!! Good luck, and I hope you get some more ideas


an - September 25

This might seem silly, but get the balloon of the appropriate color. Stick it under your shirt with the string coming out. Have mom or sis pull out the balloon.


TCM - September 25

When I found out, on my way back from the drs appointment to the office I bought chocolates in blue wrappers for evryone .. most missed it completely but I enjoyed it.


MJM - September 26

For my friends I went to target and they had all sorts of baby shower type things in blue. M&M's, pacifiers, all different things. I put them in a yellow bag and when they opened them everything was blue and I had an anouncement card that said its a boy.


Tiffany - September 26

I had the results put into an envelope and then had a family/friends barbeque with lots of baby decorations. I got a cake that read "It's a ?" My husband and I opened the envelope in front of everyone and found out all at the same time. I then decorated with gender specific decorations (and returned all the wrong gender stuff). It was a wonderful day and I would do it again for my next pregnancy. You could also have people dress in whatever color they think the baby is


JM - October 5

Make a cake and add pink or blue food coloring to the mix, depending on the gender of the baby, when all the family is around you or your husband cut the cake and the color of cake wil let everyone know your baby gender!!



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