Gender From Heart Rate

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saramcg - March 14

OK- so yes I know that this is supposed to be a myth and that it is scientifically disproven, but I was curious anyways. I have my big u/s check next Thursday and was wondering if any of you ladies had any truths or myths to the old saying that is the heart rate is above 140 it is a girl and below 140 is a boy. I have a fetal doppler and use it a lot and since I got it (14 weeks) the heart rate has been 135-140, occasionally getting to the upper 140's while the baby is moving but nothing ever higher than that. So based on the prediction, I have a boy. Of course I will hopefully know next Thursday (3/20) but just thought it might be fun to see if any of you had any input. I am sure there are a lot of you here that have found out already! Thanks to anyone who wants to give me thier story!


mom_of_1 - March 14

Well with my first daughter her rate was always 150-165. Only below that once. and I am pregnant again We are pretty positive it is a another girl and her rate has also been in the same range, a little lower 145-155. So you never know, but it has been true for me so far :)


luckymenm23 - March 14

I am having a baby girl and her heartrate is always around 130


fefer1 - March 14

It's a total wives tale. My dd had a low heart rate and my ds has been really high so just never know. My dr thought for sure I was having a boy the first time based on that. :) I knew it was a girl so I laughed when I was right.


disko love - March 14

i'm having a baby boy and his heart rate was 147 yesterday and it has been consecutively around 150. good luck at your u/s!!!


kay101 - March 14

I have NST's every Monday and my son usually has a base heartrate of 155-160


saramcg - March 15

thanks for all of your input! Sounds like it is still an ol wives tale!!! I just have a "feeling" its a boy anyways, but we will see!


LeslieM - March 15

hi...ok, every single wives tale trick or symptom said i was having a girl....including the heart rate myth. i had an ultrasound on tuesday and it is very definately a boy. his legs were spread and it was very obvious. those myths may be fun, but in the end they are only 50percent right. good luck.


Cat24 - March 17

i think the thing with old wives tales is that a lot of women believe them if they tell them what they secretly want to hear i.e. this means you are having a boy, hence saramcg has 'feelings' she has a boy possibly due to hearing this old wives tale and wanting it to be true. the only truth is that we can't believe what these tales tell us, you can only believe the facts of an ultrasound in reality.


sarah21 - March 17

I am pregnant with a girl. At 13 weeks her heartrate was 169, then at 17 weeks and afterwards it has been in the high 130's. Last week, at my 38 week appointment, her heartrate was 125 before she got woken up and it shot up into the 130's.


mommaminchey - March 17

I don't know if it is true or not but our baby's heart beat is 153 and it is a BOY!!!!! so the myth in my case would be off.


bean - March 17

My daughter (she's 22 months now) was anywhere between 117 and 135, which I thought was really low for either a boy or a girl - but she's perfectly healthy. I'm now expecting another girl and during the 2 checks I've had her heart rates were 140 and 141. So I can confirm it's just an old wive's tale.


tish212 - March 18

its a wives tale BUT held tue with my dd she always had a high hr...which they say is a sign of a girl...and my sils son held true as well...he always had a low hr! so yeah its not a guarentee but sometimes it does match lol


red87 - March 19

My baby's heartbeat is uaually around 150 and she is indeed a girl but I dont believe heartrate can determine the s_x at all


saramcg - March 20

WELL--- it's definitely an ol wives tale for me ITS A GIRL!!! we are tickled too! (OH and that chinese calendar was even wrong for me on this one!) Looks like it is truly always a 50/50 shot!


kendra.marie - March 21

wow u read above 140 is a girl & below is a boy? thats funny my daughters was 130s & my sons is 150s so theres that. hope that helps hehe



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