Gender Identification Correct At 20w6d Ultrasound

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Lia - November 8

Hi Mommies! I was told at my 20w6d ultrasound that I am having a girl as identified by her two white lines (the labia). I was SO in shock when I was told this (I thought for sure it was a boy) that I didn't even ask the tech how sure SHE was, or what the percentages were. Do you think things "down there" are developed enough at this stage to make an accurate call? I just don't want to be surprised in the delivery room like I've heard other moms have been. Thanks for any insight!


b - November 8

I'm having a boy. Mine said 100% sure she even gave me a close up picture to make sure and showed me what everything was. Told her I didn't want to make a boy nursery and have a gir. ;-)


s - November 8

I am having a girl and my dr. was 99% sure. Like you, I thought it was a boy but I am sooo excited to be having a little girl and most importantly a healthy baby!


Terra - November 8

Lia: I'm 20 wks, and yesterday, I just found out I was having a girl too, *my now second girl* they said don't go Pink crazy, but they're pretty sure... In an ultrasound its hard to tell, unless it is a boy and the baby is positioned right, from what I was told, but by the 20th week, if it's a boy, the t______es are THERE. I thought I was having a boy too, because this preg. is going different, compaired to my first born. when are you due? I'm due March 30th


Lia - November 8

Thanks for all your responses - keep them coming please!! Terra, I'm due on March 16th and this is my second girl. I was convinced otherwise but now I'm getting used to the idea and am happy about it. Poor DH is going to be overrun by girls - he has one too, so this will be the third!! Where can we get a multi kid discount on chast_ty belts?! Anyway, most of all I am happy and feel blessed that this baby is perfect and healthy, regardless of whether or not it has a weenie!! Thanks again ladies!


jb - November 8

Lia, the genitals are pretty developed at 20 weeks. The 2 or 3 white lines is supposed to be the most accurate indication of a girl. The tech pointed out the white lines to me but still said she was only 80% sure it was a girl. I am very nervous too, that we will get a big suprise in the delivery room and it will be a boy! But of course I am so please that my baby is healthy and thats all I really care about.


Camilla - November 8

Lia, out of curiosity.. Why did you think it was a boy this time? Was this pregnancy really different? Did you not have any nausea or something like that? Congrats on your little girl!! And I'll let you know if I come across good deals on those chast. belts ;-)


Amy - November 8

well at 16wks 5 d i was told i was hving a boy and at 24wks 5d he confirmed it


Lisa - November 8

Lia - They can definetely tell at 20 weeks what the s_x is as they are developed by then. Unless the baby is blocking them then it's harder to tell. I'm having a girl and I could see three white lines between her guessing there for me!


Lia - November 9

Thanks for all the great responses, ladies! I appreciate it so much. **Camilla, to answer your question, this pregnancy is slightly different than my previous one, but maybe it was my burning desire for a boy that had me convinced it was. That is probably why I was so shocked. And the fact that I really didn't have much nausea, and in the beginning I craved carbs and salty foods. So much for "mother's intuition" I guess! I'm just thrilled this baby is perfect and healthy (I've had 3 m/c between pregnancies and probably won't have any more children) and I can't wait to meet her. Or should I call the baby "Pat" or "Terry" until it is born and reveals its TRUE gender?! LOL. All the best to you mommies out there, and thanks again for your input!


Lisa D - November 9

I am having a girl and saw three white lines. My hubby said "I don't see any nuggets" and the tech replied "no, it's a hamburger!". I can send you a picture of the ultrasound if you want to compare but my tech (and hubby who has 4 boys) were VERY convinced it is a girl. My email is [email protected]



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