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ladybug - February 6

hi ladies, im going tomorrow afternoon the 7th to find out what im having. i'm sooooo excited! is there anything i should do before going like eat or drink certain things to make sure the baby will work w/us so we can find out what it is?


Nita - February 6

I read a few posts on this. Some say drink orange juice, coffee, coke etc..I didn't do any of it. Except that I seemed to have been very thirsty that day, so ended up drinking like 4 bottles of water through the day! And my appt was at 4pm. I read somewhere that I need to have my bladder full for a good ultrasound, but it turned out when the tech was doing my ultrasound she pointed out to my bladder and said boy it's full and the baby was all in one side(it appeared!). So I went to the bathroom and felt sooo much better afterwards. So my suggestion would be, do nothing special unless your dr says different. Good luck with the u/s. By the way, I learnt mine was a girl. :) so excited!


Tess - February 6

Its hard to say.......even if you drink or eat something before goin sometimes baby can be super active the tech would have a hard time to tell if its a boy or girl....specially if your baby is not cooperating. It is really a 50/50 chance. Just an FYI. I was 21 wks when we found out what were having plus it was in the afternoon so we had lunch 1st then my appt. We were lucky enough to find out what our baby's gender is. ITS A GIRL!


Been There - February 6

The tech could always jiggle your belly to see if the baby will move for you.


Renee-Marie - February 6

I heard that some OJ and a small banana will get your baby moving. If nothing else, you'll be giving him/her something good!!!!


Karoline - February 7

I went in yesterday and found out it's a girl!! It is an exciting appointment. I am 19 1/2 weeks and the appointment was in the morning. I make shakes every morning for breakfast and just had one of those. The baby was very calm and they were able to tell. Ofcoarse, they told me not to throw out any receipts...


Kiddolebel - February 7

LOL Tess remember how many ultrasounds I had with this pregnancy? Three! Ladybug I tried everything to get my little one to move but shes very shy apparently. The last ultrasound I had coffee on the way there AND juice in the morning before I left. I also went in with an empty bladder, unlike the first two I had. Needless to say the third one was a success. Good luck ladybug!!! Let us know how it goes.


Kiddolebel - February 7

Oh yeah I had ultrasounds at 18, 20 and 21 weeks. Found out it was a girl for sure at 21 weeks. =)


Kiddolebel - February 7

DOH! Realized today IS the 7th. lol Pregnancy brain. Hope it went well!


lovelle - February 7

I went yesterday to my ultrasound and found out it was a boy i am 17wks and 6 days today. I didn't eat much before i went and my baby was so active it took me at least 45min-1hour of moving around going to the washroom to empty bladder and any other trick. lucky for me the lab tech. was patient....and so was my 10 yr old girl that came with me because daddy couldn't make it. So for me maybe i should have ate then maybe this little one would have been all and all very happy we are about to trick daddy tonight because he is still out of town he wants a boy Good luck to everyone and yes keep receipts..................


dee - February 7

hey lady did u go? i was curious to know how you handled thempressing down on your full bladder? did you have to keep it full the whole time?


^lucy^ - February 8

hi lady bug,, as kiddolebel, it needed 3 u/s to get to know our baby's gender :p she was so shy as well but finally we got to know at my 20 weeks u/s.. we're so excited she's our first :) hope everything went ok with u yesterday and u got to know if its a boy or a girl,, if ur baby didnt cooperate,, dont be disappointed at least u saw ur little one healthy and happy :)


ladybug - February 8

hey girls, well i went and it was soooo exciting!! after an hour of trying and moving all around we found out its a boy!! my hubby is so excited! i did drink some oj about 30-45 before but that not help at all. this kid is very stubborn! he had his legs crossed the whole time and he was upside down then he would put both of his hands between his legs. it was the funnitest thing! i had a good tech too thankfully she was patient lol. we tried and tried then i had to get on my side a few times to make him move then at the last minute he opened his legs and we seen it was a boy. it was the best experience ever! i didnt have a full bladder but had to go really bad afterward. good luck to the ladies who are going soon! and thanx for everyones input :)


Wendy - February 20

I hope I have a tech thats as patient, I go in tomorrow on the 21st for mine, but i have to dronk 32 ounces of water 1 1/2 before and I can't go to the bathroom untill after. I'm really nervouse that i wont be able to find out, a friend of mine went in on the 13th and they think it s a girl but not sure becuse kept putting hands in way, wish me luck that I'll have a cooperative baby and a good tech


AH - February 21

can you drink other liquids other than water for the u/s? I would prefer horchata or juice - anyone else switch liquids?



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