Getting Critiques On Choice Of Name

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jessie - July 31

My husband and I are expecting a little boy in November and we get a lot of people asking if we have a name picked out for him. Yes, we do - Cadence Scott. But most the people asking tend to critique the name, and many are offering different names instead because they don't like that one. "It's too unusual...It sounds like a girls name...etc." I wasn't expecting this, so I've just begun telling people we haven't chosen a name. Anyone else experiencing this??


Jessie - July 31

Im due in December and im having a girl...we have picked out the name Lacey..everyone likes Lacey...We just dont know about a middle name....I think Cadence Scott is a great name for your does sound like a girls name but its more doesn't matter what anyone else thinks as long as u like time someone asks just say "yeah we have a name , Cadence Scott, and if you dont like it tough its not your name..."


Jessie V - July 31

I'm due in December with a boy. My husband and I have picked out Logan Garrett. When I told her we were going to name him Logan she gave me the weirdest look, and told me she didn't like it. I think Cadence Scott is great name also. It shouldn't matter what other people think, it's your son.


kimj - July 31

people say tooooo much! if you like the name screw everyone else. you cant please everyone all the time right? my first so is named davonte and we call him davon. our 2nd is due in Nov andhis name is dayshaun. everyone has said neat names for both except my parents. screw them!!!


Amy - August 1

I am having the same problem. My DH and I are expecting our first little one (a boy due December 8) and no one seems to like the name we have picked out for him. His name will be Austin Andrew...We both like the name Austin and Andrew is my DH middle name. I've actually had family members (on his side) go as far as making me long lists of their name choices for my son. My family has mentioned a few names but they are happy with the name Austin Andrew because that is what I like. DH family is another story though....As far Cadence Scott, I think it is a great name. I wouldn't worry about other peoples opinion on the matter. He is YOUR son. As long as you and your DH are happy with the name, that's all that matters.


Heidi - August 1

I'm not telling anyone the name until he/she is born because no matter how many names you pick, someone will have a bad opinion on one of them and you can't please anyone but yourself so just don't tell anyone. When the baby is born and you give the name, it'll be done and said and no time for comments. I'll tell you all though! We're almost sure it's a girl so I really am leaning towards Hannah for a girl. Not sure on a boy but I figure I better have at least two names ready just in case the ultrasound is wrong! I think my b/f will be jumping for joy so much if it's a boy that it won't matter what I name him. Ha ha!


Melissa - August 1

Same problem with us. We have always liked the name Sam, so we are naming our son Samson, and calling him Sam. Some people have flat out said "thats a stupid name, if you have a girl will you name her Delilah??" People are jerks. Like others have said, if you like the name, then that is fine. Not every boy has to be named Billy!!!!!! I like all the unique names on this board, I also like traditional names. But, most important of all, I like the name we picked for our son.


Tammy - August 1

My 1st son is Benjamin (after dad) Alexander and we call him Alex. I chose the name Luca (no middle name yet) and didn't think it would be a big deal since it's a diritive of Luke. Wrong! My family hates it. They say they never heard of it but, don't care. That comes with the territory of being his parents.


jessie - August 1

yeah - this is my first pregnancy and i learned the hard way about the name. we actually had a different middle name for our son, but changed it because that is my dad's middle name and my grandpa's middle name. out of my dad and his two brothers, he is the only one who had children and all his children are girls. so, since the last name won't be pa__sed on, we thought pa__sing on the middle name would be nice. but, because Scott isn't as unusual as Cadence, we're getting critiques on that as well. i thought it was complete taboo to criticize a name choice for a baby. regardless of my opinion, i would smile and say "i love it!" or "how exciting!" But suggesting a different name because I didn't like their choice. My goodness! I think I'll be following your example, Emily, with any other child that comes along. haha! it prevents put-downs and people generally don't have opinions on parents who haven't chosen names yet.


To Jessie - August 1

This is Emily here, Have a back up name in case it comes out a girl! That never happened to me, but people would always say...well I know someone who was told blah blah blah and it turned out to be a girl! I am surprised you haven't gotten that yet! If anyone else asks you you about a name you could just say very serioulsy " we are following in Jermain (sp?) Jacksons footsteps and are naming our son "Jermajisty" As in Yes, your Majesty...Jermajisty! We saw that on VH1 wacky celebrity baby names. We died laughing! I actually am waiting for some mean ol person in the grocery store to ask me what i'll name my baby so I can try that line! Have fun.


jessie - August 1

Emily - that is hilarious!! If I can do it with a straight face, I will definitely make an attempt. We actually have a girl name picked out - Adonia Charis. When people asked us what names we had picked out (boy and girl..before we knew the gender), I would tell them the two names and some people would say "Well, I hope its a girl" (meaning they didn't like the boys name). But Jermajisty has a nice ring to it...maybe it will be considered. Hehe!


JM - August 17

I know exactly what you mean on this. We were just throwing out names and my in-laws started critiquing everything and "suggesting" different names. We have now decided on names and our response when asked by anyone (including family and close friends) is "We are not telling anyone because too many people enjoy running down names." It is the total truth, and of course, everyone we say that too agrees and says how they would never even think of doing something like that. It's rather comical!


lmrod55 - August 17

I got some advice from a dear friend (before we had kids) to keep the names to ourselves - and that is something that I have followed. When people ask me that question I just tell them that we have a couple of names that we like and when the baby comes everyone will know his/her name. For our first child we had two options for each gender and we plan on doing the same for this little peanut as well. If you and dh like the name that is ALL that matters!!!


Adriana - August 17

my mother in law almost made me cry when i told her our choice of names if it was a girl. Mayvisse (pronounced mayvis) Alexandra. she said what the [email protected]#$ was a mayvisse. people she's have a say in the babies names exept dad(sometimes lol) i think we will all learn


C - August 19

I'm having a hard time picking names. Just want you to know, I love the one you've chosen. Cadence isn't girly or boyish, but yor son will make it his. It'll be perfect for him.


gem - August 19

I didn't know Candence was being used for boys now. Is it one of the new trendy names? My son has an unusual name and I've gotten some wierd comments since he was born. If you like it stick with it.


Chrissy - August 20

The problem with in-laws, and my mother!!, is that when they hear a trendy name, they object to it right away because they are accustomed to traditional names, atleast thats what I think... Everyone keeps asking about names and I try to b__w them off but every now and then a name slips out and I get criticized.. I'm having a boy, due in December and I love the names Jayden, Bryce, Aiden, Ethan and Nicolas.. The only one everyone likes is Nicolas, I guess I should just keep my mouth shut from now on until December



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