Getting Hair Highlights

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Jennifer123 - June 14

I've heard conflicting reports on whether it's OK to get your hair colored during pregnancy. Anyone done it? I just want some highlights but I know you still smell the chemicals.


Tiffany814 - June 14

How far along are you Jennifer? My hairstylist , who is also my friend, a__sures me that it is safe, especially if you don't use the bleach highlights that take color out of your hair. I only get the ones that put color into your hair. She has been pregnant twice in the past couple years and has worked w/ those chemicals right up until she couldn't stand on her feet for the whole day-about 8 months! She had her own hair done and everything- now for me she told me its def safe but only do what you're comfortable with. She told me in your second and third trimester its perfectly thats what I plan on doing- I'll wait til my 2nd trimester to have it done since the first is so critical w/ all the babies organs, etc being developed. Just to play it safe, thats all. Hope this helps, good luck!


MM - June 14

I went to see my doctor at around 13.5 weeks & he said it was fine to dye my hair (I dye it & get highlights). It's only not okay in the 1st trimestre.


krc - June 14

i am 33 weeks. I have dyed my hair twice and highlighted it twice throughout my pregnancy. No big deal !!!


Newhoneybuns - June 15

It better be safe cause i'm going to get mine done tomorrow lol :p Well my hairstylist is my friend and she also told me there is no danger and i have full trust in her so i guess it is safe but yes i have also heard those stories of people saying it isnt but i guess it's probably more for first trimester like Tiffany , MM and krc said. I'm just plain tired of this hair color i need some changement :-)


Kara H. - June 15

I'm a hair stylist and I usually advise my clients to stick with hi-lights (either bleach or color is fine) instead of on the scalp hair color. On the scalp will not hurt the baby, but pregnancy skin is a lot more sensative and may the chemicals may cause irritation. I have a few that still want on the scalp, which is fine since I occasionally will use on the scalp on myself. If you live in an area with nice weather right now, you might want to step out side for fresh air while processing. I notice that the smell of chemicals do give most pregnant women a headache. As for waiting until second trimester to get your hair done, it is a personal decision with no real right/wrong answer. It is more a question of what do you feel comfortable with. I would hi-light my hair during 1st, but not perm it just because that was past my comfort zone. So it is really a matter of personal feelings.


amyn - June 15

My doc told me it was ok, but make sure there is good ventalation, because when I got it done (in 2nd trimeseter) I had a bad headache from the fumes.


LINZ - June 16

Hi Jennifer, I have also had my hair dyed and highlighted and it turned out fine! I was 17 weeks at the time and my hairstylist a__sured me that it would be fine. The only thing I found is that the colour didn't take to my hair as well as usual...Don't worry too much about it though, if you feel uncomfortable at anytime whilst having your hair done, just ask them to stop - its not the end of the world, is it?! X


Angela M - June 16

My grandmother has been a stylist for... goodness... probably about 45 years. She has had two healthy children during her years as a stylist while doing perms, colors, bleaches, etc. My OB doctor said that it was fine as long as you did it in a "well ventilated area"... meaning don't do it in your small, windowless bathroom with the door shut. If you do it yourself, put your color on outside. The heat from the sun helps to develop the colors faster, or at least we've guessed from doing my hair. I dye mine a bright red every couple of months and I have it done in my grandmothers salon. I'm 15 weeks right now and just had it done last week. The only advice I have to give is to be certain not to scratch your scalp with either your fingers or a hairbrush/comb before doing even highlights. The slightest bit of developer that gets into the smallest scratch will feel like having toxic acid dumped on your head. This advice is for anyone, pregnant or not.


KLT - June 16

I'm so glad I found this post! I have been dying to color my hair again and was scared. Great! I'm gonna do it this weekend!! Thank you ladies!



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