Getting Kicked In My Bladder

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Staci - April 27

Kicks, great! but on my bladder? In the last 5 days Ive started to feel kicks on my bladder! I love feeling the baby kick, but here? What a weird and not so great feeling. I ran to the doctor, and they said it seems "normal". Has anyone ever felt this, and is there any way I can position myself so it doesnt occur? Its not the most pleasant feeling. (sigh.. weak laughter...;) ) Im 18 weeks, if its this bad on the bladder now, I will never be continent by 30 weeks!


Kara - April 27

Hey, sorry i'm not going to be much help, i'm just sympathising! my little baby is kicking me in the bladder also (and cervix), it's a new thing he's discovered just this week, maybe it's like a trampoline or something...:-) but i agree, very uncomfortable! Maybe just trying to change position when it's happening may help, like lie on your tummy for a little bit. This can also be uncomfortable, but it always make my little baby change position! All the best!


... - April 27

Same thing happens to me. Try drinking a load of water, then laying down on your left side for a bit, then your right. It may help ease your baby into a new position. Good luck!!


Erin - April 28

Sorry to say, I have the same thing! I'm just about 23 weeks. My doc told me to quickly change positions when you feel the kick, which will entice the little one to change positions also.


**** - April 28

I know exactly what you go through. Now that I am 25 weeks my baby kicks me so hard in the bladder a lil bit of urine comes out almost everytime. To the point I am having to wear a panty liner. I haven't found anything that helps yet.


Staci - May 1

Thanks everyone. Today, hubby and I went to see a movie, and I think the loud theater may have made the baby "wired". He kicked the whole time - mostly normal kicks... but every once in a while, he must have turned around, cause he kicked my bladder so hard and unexpectedly, that I jumped right out of the chair! I then had to run to the bathroom, and when he does that, you gotta go NOW. Wow! and I am almost 19 weeks, I cant imagine how its gonna be later on! Maybe cause I am short??


Staci - May 6

anyone else? thanks in advance!


Jbear - May 8

My baby does the same thing. Sometimes he (or she?) settles so that both feet are jammed into my bladder. The best way I've found to get the baby to reposition is to lie on my back and tap lightly all over my belly. I don't know why it works, but it does.


miranda - May 9

hehe... this was happening to me this morning. It was bad enough that she seemed to be resting on my bladder, but then the kicking started! Very strange feeling.



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