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jenice - October 18

Ok, so I'm almost 23 weeks along, and I've been adament my whole pregnancy that I won't worry about getting ready for baby until after Christmas. (I'm due late February) But now I'm stressing out! Our nursery is a storage room that smells funny, I don't have anything except for a dresser and a few baby clothes. I've been worrying lately about what things I'll need when the baby arrives. (Obviously, a car seat, a crib, etc.) But how much do I need? How many diaper shirts does a newborn need? (My first kid, can you tell?) Are there any good sites out there that can help me prepare in a practical manner? And does anyone know of any good "rules of thumb"? I know my baby will grow quickly, so I don't want to invest in a lot of clothes that he/she will never even wear! Any advice? Thanks!


Skyla - October 19

As far as clother, especialy 0 to 3 months. I wouldn't spend on anything to crazy. They mostly wear pijames other than the few outfits for outings or special ocasions like easter or something. I had originally had about 6 under shirts and pijamas and ended up getting more (about 12 all together) it wasn't enough. It all depends on how often you want to do laundry as well. Sometimes you have to change them a couple of times a day at least. Keeep that in mind. Don't get to much. You can always get more things after the baby is born. Beleive me you will want a reason to get out of the house, even if it's just to show show off youre little one:) Good luck


sarah21 - October 19

Well I feel you on the suddenly needing to get ready for baby. I am only 17 weeks along though. One thing you can't have enough of are onesies and burp rags. You will go through those like crazy. I wouldn't get a whole lot until the time gets closer though because if you have a large baby, it may not even wear the newborn sizes. When I was born I was 9.5 pounds and went straight into the 3-6 month sizes. Don't stock up on pacifiers or bottles, either, because you never know what the baby will take. Get a good a__sortment, one of each, and find what the baby likes before you buy too many.


Gemini_Girl - October 20

hi im due the start of feb and im the same, I spoke to my friend who had a baby last feb she said buy a few newborn vests and babygro's (which are cheap anyway) just for the hospital and first week or so as you dont wanna put clothes on which drown it,and buy 0-3 mths ones too incase u have a big baby if not they can wear later! Buy loads of bibs (which are also quite cheap)! im not going to buy many 0-3 outfits as I dont know the s_x, so feel like theres not much point! Also I got a moses basket instead of a cot which I feel will be more practical for the first few months, im not getting my pram/carseat till January - the weeks are flying by and time seems to be running out so quickly, but you still have plenty of time



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