Getting Ready For Baby

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Jessica - December 16

Hey everyone! Im 20 weeks now (5 months) and im just wondering when the reat of you ladies started to get ready for the baby? ? I have a girl already and im expecting another one , so i am going to use all my daughters clothes and i really want to pull them out and go through them . ( im excited ) But is it still to early to be setting up for the baby seeing that im only 20 weeks ?!


missy - December 16

I dont think its too early. I started getting ready for my first at 20 weeks. I am 18 weeks now and I go for my ultrasound tuesday--hopefully I can start getting ready then!!!


to Jessica - December 16

I'm 22 weeks along & not proactively doing anything. I've been manifesting things... that is, I send the positive, sometimes wishful thoughts out into the universe, & things come to me anyway (you'd be surprised at how well it works... better than money, I've found!) They've landed in my lap sporadically along the way. There's not a few big days that I'm rushing out & acc_mulating stuff, that's for sure. Figure if I worry about it, it's just worry added to a situation. Actually, that's all worry ever is.


Tess - December 16

I dont think its too early becoz atleast you know what you're having.....Good Luck!


gg - December 16

I don't think it is too early. I have been checking out local cosignment stores for any good used things for the past two months or so. I painted the baby's room around 18-20 weeks and am very glad I did. I am now 25 weeks and can't imagine climbing the ladder and bending over and doing all the work I did in the room. It would take me twice as much time if I did it now. I am easily out of breath and some days my belly is so tight that bending is very uncomfortable. We are not finding out the s_x of the baby ahead of time so I haven't bought too many clothes. I figure that our parents will be plying us with stuff in the next few months. The less we can spend now the better! About two weeks ago I had a desperate need to buy something for the baby so I went out and bought a couple of pairs of socks! My husband thought I was crazy, but at least I felt like I was doing something!


Heather L - December 18

I wish I could start already! Our bas____nt is still being fixed up and I can't wait for my son to move downstairs to his new room. His old room will be the new baby's room. I can't wait to put all the baby stuff in there and get it out of MY room. I can't even move in my room! It is a good idea to start getting the clothes together so you can wash everything and hang it in the closet. :) Have fun! I am sure the clothes will have alot of memories in them for you to reminise.


lucy - December 19

hi, im 17w5d pregnanct with my first baby and i just cant wait to start buying tiny clothes and stuff.. but the problem is that i bought a lot of white and yellow clothes but i spared the blue or pink part until i know the gender of the baby.. i had an u/s last saturday at my appointment but the baby wasnt cooperating and turned me and his daddy down..we were so excited and hoped to know what we're gonna have.. anyway good luck to u all and enjoy shopping for ur tiny ones =)



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