Getting To Know The Feb Moms Part II

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Crystal - November 4

Just starting a new thread for us...last one was getting a little long. Hope you all join in!!


lmrod55 - November 4

Hey just saw this new thread - we must of posted on the last one at the same time! :) I will repost it. - Lena


lmrod55 - November 4

**repost from last thread, since Crystal started this new one** Good morning ladies! Welcome Ashley and Jessica!! Kendra - I can't believe your hubby got "fixed" already...poor guy he has been through a lot! Some of my dreams have been crazy - I tell my hubby about a few of them, but some I am keeping to myself!!! My dh is great - he is the cook in the he does dinner most nights and will surprise with flowers every once in awhile! But he is great about ma__sages - and I love that, especially now. Plus he puts up with a wife that has had no s_x drive during this pregnancy!! Crystal - how did the "talk" about your MIL go with your hubby? Time to get some work with you ladies later! - Lena


Me - November 4

Hi everyone I am due Feb 26. with my second boy, but I will have him Feb 20 if I don't have him sooner. I have cronic high blood preasure, so they monitor me and the growth of my baby. But so far every thing is going great. I went for my regular leval II ultra sound tuesday and the baby is already 1lb 9oz. I wish everyone well Happy baby:)


Crystal - November 4

Well my talk with my hubby went pretty well, but he wants to put off telling his mom for a little bit because he know's she'll be upset about the whole thing. It's just her way. We've decided to have my mom there for one week and his mom there for two, starting with my mom a few days after the baby is born...we'll see if we get what we want though! I also suffer from absolutely no s_x drive...poor dh. He's pretty understanding about it though. Beth I like the name Austin, so cute. My husband won't let me name our child after any cities though LOL. Good luck on your test!


dwc - November 4

is it just me or am i having a bad day or what? I feel like i have been preg forever and will be forever, it seems like feb 13th is so far away, but it is only like 3 mths and a few weeks. Do you think the holidays will help time seem to fly faster? Just having a down day i guess, they come every other day it seems like. Is anyone else experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions yet? I can't tell if it is that or just muscle spasms. anyway, hope everyone else has a Happy Day!


michelle - November 4

LOL BETH I just moved from edmonton 7 months ago and if we have a son his name is Austin Arron!!! It's a small world I lived on the south side. I'm 22 I wonder if we know any of the same people??? Alot of my family still lives there.


Emy - November 4

What a week! I had my 3 hr glucose test this morning (I failed the 1 hr). Not a fun experience - I almost fainted afterwards. But I am happy to back to normal now and sooooo happy it is Friday. I hate not knowing how baby is doing in there (ie: how things affect her). Hopefully with the root ca___l and this glucose thing she has been left unphased. lol..


Jean - November 4

I am due February 8 - a girl we'll name Eva. I have no s_x drive either, plus it's just getting awkward and uncomfortable. My husband has been great about it. This is our first child, and except for the lack of s_x drive and bad morning sickness until week 15, I'm feeling great. Haven't had the glucose test yet... something else to look forward to!


Beth - November 4

Michelle-I'm a ss girl too, I'll be 21 in January, we prolly do know the same people, I went to Ainlay, graduated 02' what about you? DWC-I'm having a down day too, I blame the bf Emy-I have to do my 1 hour glucose test today, why did you fail do you know? I don't want to have to so the three hour test, I hate getting my blood taken I'm such a wuss I always cry...I also have a headache today, I think I've had one evry day this week which is weird because I haven't had one since y first trimester. I'm prolly just stressed out.


lmrod55 - November 4

Crystal - Glad to see that hubby is on board with you..and even though MIL will be upset - she'll get over it. ;) Emy - you are having a crazy week...too many tests! I hope you get good results from your gluclose test today! I go for my 1 hour next week! I just wanted to stop in and say "hello" before I head off to lunch! Like others have stated TGIF!!!


Crystal - November 4

dwc ~ I am having braxton hicks already as well...I was worried the other day and thought it might be preterm labor, but nope, not regular enough and not painful enough. The joys of your body getting ready. Good luck to everyone on the tests, mine isn't for about 2 weeks yet so I have my glucola sitting in the fridge waiting to be drank. Looks horrible. It seems as though no s_x drive is the norm around here ~ good to know ~ now I can tell my dh that he's not the only one having to wait a while in between!


Beth B - November 4

Hi again! I should find out the results from my glucose test on Monday. The drink wasn't so bad. It made me really jittery and my heart pound fast because it has more sugar in it then the average person eats in a week! Now I am crashing from my sugar high ;-(...cant wait until lunch. I am so glad to hear about everyone's s_x drive...(well that sounds wierd) but I mean I thought I was strange cuz this is supposed to be the "honeymoon" trimester and I was supposed to be h__y! Not having braxton hicks yet...What do they feel like and when do they start? When are we in our third trimester? I have gained 11lbs so far. I was trying to only gain 25 total but looks like I will be more at 30. O'well. Got to hear baby's heartbeat...148. His heartbeat started off really quiet and then got louder and louder because he was moving closer to my belly. He is so cute! Anyone told to start a kick chart? They gave me one today to start filling out.


Crystal - November 4

Beth B ~ I think the bhc are different for everyone. From what I've heard some people don't even get them at all. For me they feel like a tightening of my stomach (not the whole thing, just down low) and sometimes they're painful, but most of the time they're not. You know, I was wondering the same thing about the third trimester and when we should move over there ~ I'm not really sure when we start. My pregnancy book just goes week by week but doesn't say when your actually in the 3rd trimester. Someone in here knows I'm sure.


Beth - November 4

you start your third trimester at 27 weeks.


Michelle - November 5

Hey Beth I'll be 22 on Jan 10th how about you i also graduated in 02!! so crazy I graduated from spruce grove though. And then I was a hairsylist on the west side till I moved.I hear you about the s_x drive it's been like over a month!! poor hubby:( I go for my test next week.So we will see .Where do you hang out?? Or work?? Maybe we do know some of the same people.


Kendra - November 5

Okay, if everyone's going to share about their s_x drive I will too. Yeah, it's totally gone right now. The annoying part is, my husband is really embracing this whole woman carrying my child thing, and his s_x drive has just increased I think. He keeps saying, aren't pregnant woman supposed to have a crazy s_x drive? Well, I guess if you rely on Friends Rachael (who was always trying to find someone to sleep with her while she was pregnant) for your information, than yep, I am ABnormal.



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