Getting To Know The Feb Moms Part III

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Crystal - November 9

Ok's the latest thread for all of us Feb. Moms!! Is anyone else feeling like their stomach has absolutely no more room for expansion?? My skin is sooo tight and I just feel like everything is pushed out as far as it can go....gosh I can't imagine how great I'll feel in a couple more months!!


Amy - November 9

Oh my Gosh! I totally agree, I hate eating until I'm full b/c it's so uncomfortable... I usually just snack all day rather than eat a full meal... Hopefully that will let my belly get used to the stretch and I won't get stretch marks.... :)


dwc - November 9

yesterday, I felt that way. I ate till I got full and I was soo miserable. I had to get up and walk around for about 30 mins and still took forever to feel better. Finally today after lunch I have started feeling better. Hope time goes by fast this holiday, my dd wants to meet her baby brother or sister. Happy Day!


Crystal - November 9

I too am hoping for the holidays to make things fly by....I feel some days as if I've been pregnant for ever already!! Sad, considering I still have a ways to go!


Beth B - November 9

Its so funny that we all go through the same thing at the same time. I am sooo thirsty all the time. I get up like three times to pee during the night. It sucks! I also just started to notice that I get full soo fast. So like I can't even finish my dinner. My doc says to eat small meals throughout the day. Crystal-I don't know why I was worried about what compression excersizes bcuz Its not like I am even excersizing anyways lol ;-) but speaking of b___stfeeding...I do think I am going to try. Has anyone decided about that yet?


Crystal - November 9

You're funny Beth ~ Yes I'm going to try b___stfeeding ~ the first one out of all my family and friends!! I've heard that the first 6 weeks are the hardest, but if you make yourself get through that you can do it. I've been reading the b___stfeeding forum as well to get some ideas, but talk about controversal. I read the one today on b___st feeding in public and dang those ladies got worked up!!


lmrod55 - November 9

I have been getting full quickly as well - and uncomfortable if I get too full. Sometimes that food is just soooo good that I can't help myself! :-)~ I am "banking" on the holiday's making time go faster, otherwise I think the last 3 months would be a drag! I do plan on trying to sister and SIL attempted but not much success. Since I have to go back to work after 6 weeks I was planning on using the bottle (formula) as well - just to help with transition when I go back. I was thinking of taking a cla__s, guess I need to decide on that pretty quickly!


Crystal - November 9

I'm going to be taking a cla__s on b___stfeeding as well (it's a combo w/lamaze) so hopefully I'll find out everything I need to know then...


dwc - November 9

I b___stfed my first for 10 months so I am going to try with this one also. I was not working the first go round so that made it easier, but I will have to return to work with this one so not for sure how long I may b___stfeed this one. Has anyone felt like xmas present shopping? I feel everyone this year will get a gift card from me! LOL! I hope to be able to start this friday though. Any great presents out there yet?


Crystal - November 9

I've actually really been in the mood for some shopping, just waiting on the money to do it however!! I'm actually doing a lot of homemade gifts this year, so not a ton of shopping to do, except for my hubby..he's so hard to shop for!


Crystal - November 10

Good morning ladies ~ one more day until Friday...can you believe that it's the 10th of November already?? I don't think we're going to have a problem with the holidays flying by. My cousin Amanda had a baby girl last night ~ 9 lbs. 10 oz. Poor thing ~ she's the tiniest person you've ever seen and for her to push something that big out is amazing. She had to be induced (she was 10 days over) and the doctors kept telling her how tiny the baby was going to be (they said 6 lbs. or under). Boy were they wrong!! Good thing she insisted on the induction!!


Beth - November 10

Crystal-wow that's a big baby, I'm aiming for 7 lbs, even though I know I have no control over it...those doctors, I'm amazed they were that far off with their guess, usually it's only give or take two pounds at the most...but that's horrible, she could of been forced into a c-section because they didn't induse her sooner. Atleast everything went well for her and she has a big healthy baby. I invited my friend to come and coach me during labour, she had a baby boy last April because I thought who better to coach me then somebody who just did it, but she's a really tough person and I'm a wuss and I'm scared she'll try to make me go natural even if I ask for an epidural. I know it's my choice and stuff and I've decided as far as medication goes I'll see where I'm at when the time comes but if I'm going to be in labour for 16-20 hours then I'll prolly take the epidural, so that I can have a nap and have some strength when the time comes to push. Have you ladies decided what your going to do for pain meds while in labour? OK, so I only have 11 weeks left, I'm starting to have a bit of panic, there's so much stuff that I need to get/do....aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh......


Crystal - November 10

As far as pain meds go ~ I am going to try for natural as long as I can, but I'm not going for any awards here. If the pain is that bad, I'm all for the epidural. But, I'm just going to take it as it comes. Beth, I would be kind of worried having a coach like that ~ maybe talk to her ahead of time & make sure she knows how you feel about getting an epidural?


Amy - November 10

Hi ladies i had very big babies my 1st was 9lbs 2oz, 2nd was 10lbs 8 1/4 oz, 3rd 7lbs 14 oz, but she was 3wks early and now with #4 it will be neat to see who much he is going to be


lmrod55 - November 10

Good morning ladies! I say give me the pain meds!!! I say that know, but you never know what is going to happen when you go into labor...but I do plan on having the epidural. Beth - when you call it out in weeks it does seem so close! Here I was thinking wow 11 weeks - how do I still have 3 months left? duh!!! that is only 12 weeks...goodness that sounds WAY too close for comfort! I am so not prepared...the nursery is all set up and we have neutral clothes (all from our dd) but I haven't even gone to look at car seats and double strollers (dd is 22 months and when we go out I will need to put her in the stroller...gotta keep control somehow!). I so need to get busy! Have a great day ladies!


Crystal - November 10

Jeez ~ Amy, 10 lbs. Hats off to you. I can't imagine. Scared to death of having a big baby, but they run in my and my husband's families.


jb - November 10

Big babies run in my husband's family, not so much in mine. I am worried that if I go past my due date I will have a 9-10 pound baby!!! Regarding labor, I will try to go as long as I can without meds, but I know I will probably have an epidural. I am also worried about b___st feeding. Apparently its really hard, and so many people try it and cant do it. I never thought about it before I got preg, I thought it was just something that came naturally. But apparently its alot harder than I thought.



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