Getting To Know The February Moms

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Crystal - November 1

I thought it would be nice for any of you who post regularly to get to know each other a little better since we're all experiencing so many of the same things. I'll start it off for us...this is my third pregnancy, but no kids, so we're keeping our fingers crossed on this one. So far so good. I'm due Feb. 18th. I'm married and have been for almost two years now. I should say that our true first child would have to be our black lab. She's my baby. :o). I'm doing temp work as a legal assistant right now (just while I'm pregnant) and it seems to work nicely for my doctor's appointments. How are all of you coping with work or life in general right now? Do you find that pregnancy adds to it or just adds stress in general? Anyone who'd like to chat is welcome! I saw the third trimester posts and they all seem so close I would love to have us Feb. moms that tight knit!


Emy - November 1

Hi Crystal. I am due Feb 20th and we found out that we're having a girl. Can't wait! She will be our first. Dh and I have been married for 16 months. I am a teacher and love working with kids but it is hard to be so active during the day without any down time. Right now I am suffering from a horrible tooth ache and will need to get a root ca___l on Friday. I am NOT looking working to THAT. Other than that, I have had a really great pregnancy - no sickness, no problems. I am a typically anxious person and pregnancy has not helped with that. I am happy that we are only a few weeks away from the third trimester.


Crystal - November 1

It's hard to believe on one hand that we're so close to the third trimester, but on another, I feel like it'll never come. Of course I've known I was pregnant since 5 weeks along....So what grade do you teach??


jb - November 1

Hi. I am Jessie. This is my first child and we found out that we are having a girl (maybe..they said they were 80% sure). My due date is Feb 15th. Have been having an easy pregnancy so far. No compliants. My stomach is huge but at my last doctors visits I had only gained 10 pounds.


Crystal - November 1

Hi JB, glad you could join - and glad that your pregnancy is going so well. We're waiting to find out what we're having...a nice little surprise for the end of all this. I hear you on the huge stomach...I can hardly bend over anymore and I keep forgetting that I can't. I embarra__sed myself today at work - trying to pick up something that had fallen directly in front of me and from a sitting position I could just not get it. Another lady who was watching asked if I wanted her to grab it for me - I said No!! So I stood up and squatted down to get it. Nothing like realizing you've lost the capability to bend at the waist and having others there to witness it. *Blush*


Emy - November 1

I teach Spanish and French to grades K-9 (So all age groups pretty much!). I feel huge. I started the pregnancy at 125 and am now at 147! How did that happen. But I look like it is all in my pregnant belly - Not really fat. Hopefully, it will come off quickly. I figure by the end I will be around 40 pounds heavier...


jess - November 1

hey everyone. i am due feb24th and we are not sure what we are having. this is me and my husband's first child and we have been married for only 7 months. i am currently in my last semester of university and am working full time all at once. i have had a good pregnancy so far but can't wait until mid december when i will be finished my schooling so i don't have soo much on my mind. i am also very anxious for my third trimester.


Crystal - November 1

Spanish and French, how fun ~ and all ages wow, busy days. So far I think I've gained about 14 pounds, but like you said it's all in the stomach and in my case, the b___sts. I've seriously gone up two cup sizes. These suckers are huge! I'm worried about how big they'll be once my milk comes in.....I actually just joined a gym (I was depressed about my weight gain one day) and now I'm making myself feel better by walking on the treadmill & lifting some light weights (or so I tell myself :o)). Not that it makes a difference because I'm still eating really well....definately no morning sickness here!


Crystal - November 1

Hey there Jess. Wow, and I thought I was busy....I can't imagine going to school right now. Work is hard enough with me being so scatterbrained right anyone else finding hard to concentrate let alone retain information lately??


MISTY - November 1

Hi all! My name is Misty andI am du.e Feb.13. I am having a boy.It's hard for me to believe that we don't have that much longer. I am married and have been going on 71/2 years. This is our last baby, so I am taking every second to heart. What state is everyone from? I am from Oregon. Well I know it doesn't say too much but I will talk to you again later. Hope to hear from you soon.


Crystal - November 1

Hey Misty...glad to see you in here. I'm in Nebraska right now (just moved) but I'm originally from North Idaho...I am so missing the Northwest, although Omaha is nice is it's own way too...How many kids do you have?


dwc - November 1

Hi all, i am also due Feb 13th. This is my second child, but my first with my present husband. My dd is 6 now and it seems I have forgotten so much about being preg. I have had a rough start with this one, had hyperemesis and was in the hospital 3 times with dehydration and was being taken care of by a home health nurse until recently. But i feel much better now. I am from MS. Like my doctor says (which didn't help my feelings) it seems like I have been preg forever, LOL. I can't believe we are almost in the third trimester... Time should fly with the holidays coming up. Good luck to all. TTYS.


misty - November 1

well I have 5 kids and 1 on the way. I hope that all of you are doing well. Let me know if I can do anything for you guys.


Beth B - November 1

There is another Beth here too and I think she is due in Feb too but anyhoo hello everyone! I am due Feb. 3rd with my first. My hubby and I have been married for three years now. Crystal our first baby is a mini dachsund who we spoil rotten. Are you worried about the transition for your doggy? I am a travel agent in the Pacific Northwest but I am getting laid off in Jan. ;-( so I will be trying the stay at home mommy thing! My belly is huge too along with my hips and thighs UGH. What is everyone's age group? Has everyone had the gestational diabetes test yet? Mine is this friday.


denise - November 1

Hi my name is Denise and my hubby and I are expecting our first 2/22/06. We do not know the gender of the baby. I like suprises. I've had a great pregnancy so far, very little morning sickness. The baby is very active which makes me smile every day. I can't wait to meet the little one. We have two beautiful dachshunds at home and my male dog seems to be getting me ready for motherhood by getting up in the middle of the night to go out which he hasn't done since he was a puppy! We are actually having my shower this weekend because we wanted to avoid the holidays and then the weather in January. I am so excited to see what I get!!! This is the best time of my life :)


dwc - November 1

Beth b, i am having the gestational diabetes test Nov 17th, I am dreading it so much, they gave me the lemon/lime drink.... my dh wants to be surprised so he and doc will not let me find out the s_x of the baby. I am 29 years old. I wish I could stay at home with this baby, but dh would have a fit if I ask...LOL! I have a good job so I better just stick it out. For those of you working, when will you take leave?


The other Beth... - November 1

Hey, this is kind of crazy because my name is Beth too, I'm due the day before you, Feb 2, don't know what I'm having. I'm 20, I'll be 21 in January, this is my first baby, although I do have cats and their my babies too...I started out at 5'9" 125lbs, now I'm 145 lbs, pretty much screwed as far as avoiding stretch marks I think, although I don't have any yet. I'm trying to stay pretty active, walking 2-3 times a week for an hour or so, aquasize 1-2 times a week, but I get worn out so fast, my hips hurt and my ankles hurt after I walk...and I just get plain exhausted. I'm a receptionist so my job isn't hard and I think I'm going to be going on mat leave Jan 13 (week 38) but debating leaving sooner....can't decide any advice? I'm in prenatal cla__ses I have had one so far, I will be going through panic/anxiety attacks during the end of the third trimester as I'm terrified of labour and delivery, so you can just call me the crazy Beth! :) I'm going through a yogurt/fruit craze right now, but I haven't really had cravings just sort of food phases. I was nauseous in my first trimester but never threw up and now I gag sometimes but that's about it. I'm making myself a body pillow by the end of this week...trying to rustle up some of those nesting instincts. I made it to my third trimester(finally) I've known I was pregnant since bofore I missed my first period so I feel like I've been pregnant forever...WoooHoo 3rd trimester



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