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kimberly - March 4

Well, I am trying to figure out a girl name just in case this baby is actually a girl. I love Brooke as a middle name but was wondering if Bailee Brooke has to many B's in it. I also like Kylee Brooke but dh likes Bailee better. Which do you like best?


kimberly - March 4

Oh, and if you have any other suggestions that will go good with Brooke feel free to add.


mommybabyboy21 - March 4

well I have a question is your last name start with a B? If it does then your daughters intails will be BBB...But two B's aren't that bad IMO.


kimberly - March 4

Last name starts with H.


mel2229 - March 4

I like the name Brooke. My dd's name is Kyleigh so I love that name :)


CodyKatie5 - March 4

If my baby is a girl, I'm going to name her Brooke Mikayla. Bailee is a really cute name, but unfortunately my niece's name is Baylie so I can't use it. Darn! I don't think it's too many Bs. I think it's cute.


kimberly - March 4

Thanks girls! Anyone else?


ShoppingForTwo - March 6

That's so funny. My name is Kimberly also and I love the names Brooke and Bailey for my baby if she turns out to be a girl. I'm only 9 weeks so my husband and I have a WHILE before we find out what our first child will be. At first her name was going to be Brooke Lynn "Lastname". My mothers and grandmothers middle names are both Lynn so I thought that was cool. But as of today I'm completely sold on the name Brooklynn Jayale "Lastname". I'm due Oct. 5th so I'm sure ill change my mind again


Allisonc79 - March 7

I like Kylee Brook better


kvilendrer - March 7

I like Kylee Brooke. If we have a girl, we will name her Brooke, although we haven't thought of a middle name yet. We find out in 2 days, so we'll see!


Angee2 - March 7

I like Bailee Brooke.--it's cute.


kimberly - March 7

Thanks girls! I just like them both...guess we will have to try and decide. Kimberly, my birthday is Oct. 5th how neat. I bet you will have your baby on that day...I know lots of people with my birthday.


jendean00 - March 7

I wanted to name my daughter Lynnsie Brooke, but DH did not like it. I also like Alana Brooke, but we are naming her Brooke Lynn.


Kristin11 - March 8

What about brooklynn?



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