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Becky - October 29

Were trying to pick a name if our baby is a girl and its come down to three/ Summer, Kahlin, or Taylor. just curious what name that all of you like best! what you calling your little bundals??


Christi - October 29

I like Kahlin best. We're gonna call our little girl Aralynn.


Samantha - October 29

I like the name Taylor best. They are all cute though. If we have a little girl she will be Ava.


Mary - October 29

I like Taylor the best. We are going to name our baby (if its a girl) Cadence Rayne.


Liana - October 29

They are al nice, from my experience, TAylor is really popular so there will probably be 3 other taylor boys and girls in her cla__ses or daycare!!! I have a friend named summer, and I think its a great name becasue it makes people smile, really!!! I always call her Summer-time, or summer-breeze!!! Kahlin is cute too, but not sure how to pronounce it. My girl's name si Arianna (ari) and now I'm having a boy... thinking Elijah or Noah or Jonas


jb - October 29

I like Summer. It not as common now as the other 2 names (though they are pretty too). Summer is very, very pretty.


melissa - October 29

I vote for Summer. People are never going to know how to pronounce Kahlin, and while Taylor is nice, go into any nursery school and there will be 5 other Taylors, it is VERY trendy the past few yrs. I refuse to pick a trendy name, which kills me b/c my favorite name in the world is Olivia but its #3 on just about every top ten name list now, so I cant use it!!!


Gemma - October 30

My favourite is Summer as I think it is a really pretty feminine name. How about Summer Kahlin.


K - October 30

I like Summer the best. Our boy will be Christian.


C. - October 30

I vote for Summer. It sounds sunny and pretty. Everyone knows how to pronounce it too,


Maggie - October 30

I like Summer the best. I'm having a girl too, and her name will be Kathleen Mary after her grandmas. We will call her Katie for short. We let our son pick out her nickname.


Lisa - October 30

I like the name Summer! I'm calling my little girl Rylee.


Renee - October 30

I vote for Summer. Best to you for a healthy baby girl - whatever you decide to call her!!!!!!!!!!


Kerry - November 1

If we have a little girl we are naming her Phoebe ( when I was little I used to love the actress Phoebe Cates - I wanted to be her when I grew up! ) We also like Lilly. A while a go I dreamt we were having a girl and we named her Rosie - don't know where that came from !


Lisa - November 1

I think Summer is so beautiful and feminine--I vote for that!


Kaylnn - November 10



Bee - November 10

I love Summer, if its a girl me and my bf are doing to name her Dolia



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