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flower.momma - July 7

Alright, my hubby and I have a boy name, but are having trouble with girl names. Our daughter is named Poppy, and our last name is Hildebrandt. I like sweet, short little girl names. So far we have thought of the following three: Lucy, Ruby and Lyla. Any suggestions? We find out in 2 weeks what we are having, and I would like to be able to give a name to this little person when I find out who they are.


SuzieQ - July 7

My vote is for Ruby Hildebrandt. It's got a nice sound to it - lucy and lyla are too soft to go with the last name but Ruby is soft but strong too. :)


Kira_lynn - July 7

Why not a variation of Lyla...and go with Layla. I like that name, its ageless. But on the three, I agre with suzieq, Ruby is really nice!


flower.momma - July 7

Thank you. I like the way Lyla sounds better than layla, but I agree that the 2 "L" names might be too soft. Also, I looove the name Zuzu, like the little girl in "It's a Wonderful Life", but I think that might be a little too out there. What do you guys think?


18wbabynov - July 7

hum... i really like ruby... i really like the short and sweet names too. my little girl (due nov. 12) will be maia (pronounced may-ah) its a german variant of maya. but i would stick with ruby... i agree with it's strength with such a last name!


Aviendha416 - July 8

Nice strong German last name you got there. I work with a gent who's wife just gave birth to their first child. He is now the proud father of a little girl named Chloe. I've always loved that name along with Daphne, Celeste and Quinn. Hope this helps.


dueJan1607 - July 8

Some other short little names are, Eva, Anna, Abbie, Kyla, Lia, Iva...just some more ideas. I like Ruby as well. Sounds nice with the last name!


flower.momma - July 8

I like the name Daphne, but hubby does not. Ava is also something we've thought about. His grandma is named Avalon, which I think is just gorgeous, but kind of heavy for a little girl. We were thinking about naming her Avalon, and calling her Ava for short. I also do like Chloe, but my sister's cat is named that, so it would be weird!


HannahBaby - July 8

Hey girl. I DONT LIKE LUCY no way!! I dont really like any of them to be honest. What about Ava (i lOOOVE that name) or Sophie, Zoe, i LOVE the name Lola (Denise Richards had the right idea!!) We are going to name our baby Lilly if it turns out to be a girl.


mandee25 - July 8

Emma, Ava, Ambria, Amber, Ella........


mandee25 - July 8

We are choosing Emma Grace for a girl and Samuel Andrew for a boy, so far LOL


flower.momma - July 8

Good, ones, but a lot of those are a little too popular, we like names that you don't hear every day. Now my husband is saying he doesn't like Lucy, which is ok, or Ruby, so now I don't know what is going on. I felt like I had it a little narrowed down, now I don't know. Oh, and I love the name Lola, but Josh doesn't. What a turd!


tritty - July 8

out of all of the suggestions i like avalon and call her "ava." avalon is pretty, it's meaningful (in your family) and ava is such a cute name! don't be afraid to name her longer names that can be shortened.... my friends named their little girl Danica and call her Danny or Samantha can be Sam...... if i have a girl i'm going to name her katelin and call her kate. good luck with the husband, they can be difficult sometimes, can't they ? :)


babybird - July 9

I like Lyla. It's pretty:)


Aviendha416 - July 9

Husbands can be difficult. Mine has his heart set on Jade but I have told him I refuse to name any daughter of mine after a Mortal Kombat character. Especially when there are so many beautiful and meaningful names out there.


flower.momma - July 9

I think I talked him into Avalon/Ava last night. But who knows, because he shot down all of my other ideas, even after he had already OKed them.


venus_in_scorpio - July 9

lol i hear ya there my dh wont agree to anythig either haha. i like anna, june, may, amy, lori, bree and mary. good luck.



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