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Mommiex20803 - February 22

Hi everybody....alrighty well i have heard that when you are carrying a tend to be fond of certain foods...and you dont get the "baby bump" quickly...and all that...and with girls i have heard that your face ends up breaking out more....and you tend to get the baby bump even sooner than you would if you were having a boy......the whole reason why im bringing this up is because this is my 2nd pregnancy (first time i had a boy...) and i really want to have a girl this time...anyways this pregnancy has been COMPLETELY different than my first...i never got sick or felt sick in my 1st but this pregnancy i have...i always get acid reflux....nausea...and my br___t are getting big and are SUPER sensitive (my first pregnancy they were sensitive but never grew any...) and i honestly feel c__ppy all the time...i get tired out too EXTREMELY 100 times worse than you would think....and i mean i have a small baby bump at 16 weeks (which in my first pregnancy i didnt get one until maybe the middle of my 5th month and i didnt "pop" until 7 months or so) and plus recently i have been having BAD breakouts which NEVER happen to me...i normally never get zits...but i have at least 8 on my face and i break out on my chest and my my question you think that i could be having a girl or could i just be having a different...*sigh* difficult pregnancy? lol i know this is kinda hard to answer to...even if i could have some other opinions or your stories...i dont mind i just want to see if im thinking too much about it or if its a good possibility....please respond with advice...stories...whatever else! thanks! sorry so long..


Mommiex20803 - February 22

OH i forgot to add....this is a little personal but oh first pregnancy i was really into s_x and what came with it in my 2nd trimester...but this pregnancy i mean occasionally i'll want it but most of the time i DONT...hmm i guess thats all that i can think of adding to my list...THANKS FOR LISTENING :)


mamaof3 - February 22

Well it's definitely true that each pregnancy is different. But being the mother of three boys and hopefully this time around a girl too. I can say that with my boys I never got sick, never broke out and didn't start showing with my last until about 4 1/2 months. I did get really sore b___bs and wasn't into s_x much until my second tri-mester. This time I always have nausea and not really sore b___bs but I did have really sore (tmi) nipples for a few days. So like you i pray for a girl, but it's all in god's hands. Being that your 16weeks why don't you just have an ultrasound? I found out at 11 weeks with 2 of my boys and hopefully i will find out at about 11 weeks with this one.. I am only 7 weeks 4days.


bl - February 22

I had a completely different pregnancy this time around! I thought that there was a good possibility that this baby would be a girl. It turns out that I'm having another little boy! Maybe in your case, you're having a girl. I think it hard not to read into every sign. Good luck!


DownbutnotOUT - February 22

If I think about he differences between the pregnancy with my daughter vs my boys is: With my daughter I got vericose viens break out all over my neck, the went away when my daughter was 2 months old. My b___bs were so sore in the beginning with my daughter, I never had sore b___bs with my boys. Also I was carrying really high with my daughter, also both my boys had a heartrate of 150-155 butmy daughter 120-125. now the thing is IM told I have a 60-70% chance of having another boy but i had sore b___bs, Im carrying like my daughter, I have dreams its a girl, tough the heart beat is between 150-160. So im expecting another boy and im having boy/girl symptons, its pretty confusing lol.


jen327 - February 22

Well I don;t think that any signs really help. I had the sore bbs, nausea, emotions, zits which was so different to my son. But I just found out I am carrying a boy. I was sad at first, but now I am so so exicted. I think you get over the disappointment very quickly, but for your sake I hope it is a boy.


jodie - February 22

Mommie- This post sounds like I could have written it!!!!!!! All the things you said are happening to you happend to me!! Right down to the s_x drive...LOL! I just found out tuesday that I am having a little girl. I am even carrying different this time. With my son I totally spread out wide and this time I am all out front. It's nice because I can wear my old pants because they are low rise and I just need maternity shirts to cover up my belly! When do you find out what you are having??


filly06 - February 23

This is my first pregnancy...but according to EVERY old wives tale I should be expecting a boy...but it's a girl! ;) Of course I guess there is always room for surprises! :) Congrats to you all!!!


MNMOM - February 23

All the wives tales are a bunch of c___p. I have a son and thought this time it was a girl for sure, since everything has been so completely different as far as my pregnancy and also the baby's heartbeat..... Found out last week it is another boy. Quit torturing yourself and just wait until the ultrasound :)


kimberly - February 23

It is torture isn't it. To just not know and want to know so badly. I know there are many old wise tales but I am like you I want to know so badly that I compare everything that seems different from when I carrid the boys. I know in reality it could be a boy or girl no matter how different I feel but it is still fun to hear everyone else's stories and to hear the old wise tales.


aliciavr6 - February 23

I'm carrying low, I didn't really get morning sickness (as far as throwing up), bewbs don't hurt anymore, got my big belly at about 17w and I'm having a girl.



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